American Idol – It’s back and we celebrate

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American Idol, Simon, Paula and Randy are back. And with them a whole bunch of talented young singers. Or not so talented singers.

The elimination process is ongoing.

There is a certain exciting development in the overall show, and its procedures and the way, they all interact with each other.

Before the aspiring singers go into the room to showcase their talent to the judges, they are optimistic, fun, curious, nervous, dynamic and more. All of them.

And then it is happening and it is visible to every single viewer.

Under the barrage of fire from the judges, they start to crumple. Some start to cry, some start to rave. Some get angry, and others just keep quiet.

Human emotions at their best.

Many leave the room like beaten animals.

Then, the next transformation, just outside the room. They develop their coping strategies and show them to the world. It is then that we see how they are coping with stress, problems or challenges. Some vulgar, some more rational. They do it to become “normal” again, because, it is hard to withstand a Simon, serious. I would get nightmares, I believe, honestly!!!

All of this are the patterns that we humans develop to cope with our environment. Our own unique experience. Nothing else. How we cope with stressful situations and what is going on in our mind. The movie of the mind.

Taking part as an aspiring singer in American Idol is a stressful experience. But I believe that on a smaller scale, and if the singers would just watch and observe their own behaviours carefully, they will find similarities in their “normal” life.

Simply speaking. You cannot cheat on your brain, and you re-play your habits, over and over and over again.

Learning to develop and master your emotions starts with recognising those patterns. Becoming aware of them and recognising, what is happening around you, just when your mood is changing. Who is talking to you, where are you, what are you saying, and more often, what goes on inside your head. Becoming aware of it is the first step to change, and to start gaining mastery of your emotions in your life. Simply speaking, it is about identifying the patterns in your life.

Similar, you can do the same thing with your patterns of excellence – understanding the same situations and start learning from them to be able to replicate them in other areas of your life. Try it, and it is fun, I promise you.


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