Is caning the solution to social ills?

“Female students should be caned because their disciplinary cases are just as serious as boys’. This is the reason behind a call to introduce caning for girls in schools, one of the resolutions passed at the National Seminar on Education Regulations (Student Discipline) 2007.” (The Star Malaysia)

And I keep wondering…..

Isn’t it clear that caning or punishment will not help, whatsoever, in assisting these girls, or boys to rehabilitate into “normal life” (what is normal life, anyway?).

I had a discussion with a friend, a long time back, in Germany. He told me that somewhere he read the passage in a book that “any society deserves the children they have.”

This reminds me of one of the basic NLP presuppostions or beliefs as well – The outcome of the communication is the result you get. There are no resisting clients, only inflexible communicators.

Consider exchanging communication with education, clients with children and communicators with society.

Aren’t we impatient with children, because they are so very different from us? They grow up differently, adopt value systems that challenge ours, have access to many areas that I haven’t even thought of until I was, well, not too old, but not as young as some of the children around here. Areas, such as sex, violence, much, much more television, heck even maids that pamper them throughout their youth!!

Changes are challenging – but to box children back into our way of thinking is surely not a solution. Because, I believe that this will only cause these children to totally move into their shell, into their own thinking, after we destoyed the bridge that linked us to them.

I am against caning. For boys and for girls.


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