My own Street Hypnosis in Solaris Dutamas

After I completed the training by Anthony Jaquin on Street Hypnosis, I thought I have to practice and so I did.

Okay, I cheated, and did only go into a restaurant where I know the owner. And then I hypnotised the partner of the owner.

He totally enjoyed it, was happy, and immediately asked, when we can do it again. Haha, isn’t this what we call success?

Beginning Trance with Eye Closure










Beginning Hand Rising










Deep Trance



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  1. Hey There Advancedmindmanagement,
    Thanks, on a related note, Street hypnosis takes hypnosis to the extreme! It gives you the power to walk up to anybody – even a complete stranger – and within mere seconds have them deep in trance, and responding to your every suggestion.
    BTW great blogpost

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