How would you react? Bad attitude in Solaris Dutamas

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I sat with my family in a restaurant called Fahrenheit 360 having a late breakfast.

A girl took place at a table behind us. She told the waiter that she is waiting for someone as he gave her two sets of the menu plus drink list, each as separate sheets of cardboard.

All of a sudden, a gust of wind took the food menu and the drink menu and¬†blew them onto the ground. She¬†reacted a tiny bit but than didn’t move.

Both cardboards flew on the ground. And laid there. And laid there. And laid there.

After we paid, I stood up and picked up both cardboards, put it on her table and said: “That you didn’t pick it up says a lot about you.”

How would you have reacted?

Would you have ignored it? Just simply shaken your head?

Wasteful girl in Fahrenheit 360
Wasteful girl in Fahrenheit 360



To me, it’s ignorance and bad attitude and the expectancy that others will clean up after you. It goes against my values of cleanliness, politeness, lack of accountability and responsibility.

Yeah, I know, that we in NLP believe that behind every behaviour is a positive intention.

What could be hers is what I am asking myself?

I am curious to read what you think.