Short people and their perception

You receive what you focus on. Isn’t this one of the sentences in “The Secret” (or something like that?). It is the law of attraction.

If someone constantly focuses on the negative stuff in life, is it a wonder that their brain cells connect in a way that they perceive the negative stuff? That a vicious cycle is created?

As mentioned yesterday, you then also see only a reflection of your own, when you only recognise the negative things around you.

Isn’t it the same with the challenge that short people face? “Short people complain of poorer mental and physical health than those of average height. The authors (Danish researchers) urged more work to clarify precisely why the shorter someone is, the worse they feel about their health.”

Sure, already Malcolm Gladwell said in his book “Blink” that those taller are perceived more powerful. So the environment is also playing a supporting role.

A short person perceives himself to be worse off as a small person, s/he then constantly reinforce this perception via the inner voice, s/he doesn’t get the job that they want due to their height, and then, they cannot see enough in the movies because of taller people in front of them – they then start cursing and swearing that they are so short – and so on.


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