Bald head – and the rules in your head

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There are two different ways of how people form rules of conduct in their country, and ultimately in their head. One is called the Roman or Napoleonic Law and the other one is called the Common Law. Under the Roman … Continued

CCTV to monitor activities of civil servants

In Terengganu the government installed several closed-circuit television cameras (CCTVs)at undisclosed spots “focusing on workstations of the state government departments and agencies, which occupy the building.” It is about monitoring, if the governmental servants do their work. If they don’t … Continued

Trusting your boss – or not?

A new study by Leadership IQ reveals frightening data, at least for the US. “Only 20% of people strongly trust the top management of their organization. 36% moderately trust their top management, while the remaining 44% range from not trusting … Continued

Jelapang toll plaza, behaviours and change

I came back from a short trip to Perlis. My mind was in a curious state of mind, since just last week, there was another accident on the infamous Jelapang Toll Plaza station. “The Jelapang toll plaza has seen 142 … Continued

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