Congratulations to the fattest man on earth – Paul Mason

Paul Mason has achieved his goal. He has shed nearly two-thirds of his body weight after gastric bypass surgery in 2010. At his heaviest, the 52-year-old from Ipswich, England tipped the scales at an astonishing 980 pounds. At the peak … Continued

Giving up on your goals

Yes, it is already February 2013, and  I am writing about the fact that a month has passed since the new year started (gosh – what a funny sentence, seriously!!). Most of those that set any resolution for 2013 have … Continued

Coaching people

Coaching people is really great. There is nothing better than seeing a person being transformed totally and able to run his or her life again. But it is a different picture when they come to the office. They are beaten … Continued

McNamara and the Giant Wave

McNamara in November 2011 surfed what is now known as the world’s highest wave. 70 feet. It is possible that he just broke his own record and enjoyed the ride on a 90 foot wave. Would you do it, is … Continued