American Idol, Season 12

American Idol is back on TV and I am back in front of it watching it. Yes, I have to admit, I like the show, even so many people criticise, dismiss, or even condemn it. If you want to know what I mean, just check out Vote for the Worst.

It doesn’t matter to me and hey – there is something to learn from the show, and those that come to my NLP Practitioner Training surely will hear a couple of stories :).

But let’s see, what is there to learn:

  • The Contestants a.) – when you listened to the auditions, you know that many cannot sing at all. In fact, even now, there are some selected candidates that clearly cannot sing. But the step up and for a variety of reasons: 1.) They want their 3 minutes of fame, and nothing more. Fair enough!! 2.) They want to see the Stars, and may be get a hug, pronounce their love or whatever. Cool, and fine by me. What is amazing so, that for whatever reason, they sing in front of a camera, might get trashed, are seen by millions of people Would you do it? A favourite question of mine. It tests their belief in themselves and their confidence to just do it – which is number 3.). 4.) You can see who really wants to win. Who goes out all the way. Who takes in the feedback, as harsh as it might be, and incorporates it. As such, who is the winner of the season.
  • The Contestants b.) – we are getting into the real session soon, when the voters in America decide who moves on. And what you will see are signs of crumbling self-confidence and plain but unconscious self-sabotage. This means that some of the candidates will do something that destroys their chances. Rebutt the judges comments (yes, it happened!), forget their songs, or simply sing a song that totally doesn’t fit them
  • The judges – Actually, I like the judging panel this year with Nicky Minaj, Randy Jackson, Mariah Carey and Keith Urban. I really thought that Nicky would act plain stupid (sorry the language), throw tantrums, and showcase her non-existing talent. I was so wrong. Okay, she gives some strange comments (I want to have your babies). Aside of this one, she and all the other three judges really give good comments. At least most of the time. And when the judges give comments about the performance of the aspiring Idols, hey – you can watch the singers face and learn, learn, learn. So much to learn of how they process the information. Do they accept or reject the feedback, the way they take it in – these are observational skills.

By the way, you won’t learn how to sing in our NLP Practitioner Class. But some of the skills mentioned in my write-up are useful and we will take really good care that you know how to use these skills and apply them in your life after the training.

These skills are:

  • Observational Skills – learn how to observe even the most minute changes in others when they talk, speak or behave around you. People change on a moment-by-moment bais
  • Emotional Mastery and how to manage your emotions in all areas of your life
  • Beliefs in yourself and others. What does it take for you to gain the strength you need to overcome challenges and succeed in all areas of your life

You might even understand Nicki Minaj’s behaviour and her constant eye-rolling.


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