Anthony and Freddy Jacquin visiting Asia Mind Dynamics

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In September 2012, the British legends of hypnosis and hypnotherapy visited Malaysia, as they were invited by a friend called Frankie, who runs Hypno-Firm (you can find them on FaceBook!)

It is a father and son team.

Their name is Anthony and Freddy Jacquin.

Anthony is best known for his skills in Impromptu Street Hypnosis.

He can be found on his respective website called Head Hacking .

Both are a lot of fun to be around and as usual, we learned so much from them.

During one of the evenings with them, we went to a restaurant in Solaris Dutamas and of course, their fingers got itchy and they had to do some Impromtu Hypnosis. 

Watch and enjoy the video.



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