Anthony Jacquin and Freddy Jacquin visiting Malaysia and Asia Mind Dynamics

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About 2 weeks back, the British legends of hypnosis and hypnotherapy visited Malaysia, as they were invited by a friend called Frankie, who runs Hypno-Firm (you can find them on FaceBook!)

It is a father and son team,

Their name is Anthony and Freddy Jacquin.

Anthony is best known for his skills in Street Hypnosis and Najwa, Nabil and I had the pleasure learning from him personally.

He has his own YouTube Channel called Head Hacking and there is quite a funny story how they got to the name. His partner Kev is a “legalised Hacker”, helping companies and governmental departments to stay safe in the online world.

Well, Anthony “hacks” into heads, lol, and he once had an offer for a TV series on how survive in the streets of the UK with no money and no support, only through the skills of hypnosis. The show never took off (they filmed for 2 days however) and you can see some clips in his channel.

Both are a lot of fun to be around and as usual, we learned so much from them.

During one of the evenings with them, we went to a restaurant in Solaris Dutamas and of course, their fingers got itchy and they had to do some Impromtu Hypnosis.


I hope you enjoyed it and that I hear from you soon 🙂

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    Hi Amedar.

    Thank you for your input. We are planning a series of videos plus “normal” text entries and I hope that serves your interest better.

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