Back from Italy – as Trainer of the Language and Behaviour Profile

I was in Italy for the last 2.5 weeks to upgrade my NLP skills.

The training was tremendous fun, and the most challenging that I have undergone in my life. When I already thought that the three weeks last year in Australia were something, than, well, it is time to change … what? My opinion!!

That’s right!!

To become a Certified Language and Behaviour Profile (LAB) Consultant and Trainer was more challenging than to actually become an NLP Trainer. Is that something?

The difference?

Okay, first the basics. We were 30 participants, and we were “supervised” by 8 coaches. Already before the training started, I had to undergo a huge exercise of completing 40 interviews. Okay, the organiser, Success Strategies provided us with a tape containing 12 interviews already… nevertheless.

During the interviews, I was tasked to capture the sublimal, underlying motivation traits of the individuals. How do they gain motivation and what keeps the motivation going. (can you see the tremendous application possibility?).

While it was a straight forward process, I needed to find another 28 individuals that were willing to share information with me, so that I could profile them!! A task!!! Time!!!! Not only mine, but those of other busy people. In the end I had to tie strangers down to a chair to talk to me since I ran out of friends – no, I am kidding!

I managed in that task.

There were clear rules for success – each of the 30 or so participants had to constantly demonstrate that we knew our staff, and that we incorporate feedback that we obtained after the exercises. To gain insights, the coaches walked around and listen in to our exercises. Little notebooks in their hands, they monitored carefully, how we performed. Worse than school, but all for the best.

I had to complete three more exercises that took hours to complete. Late nights were the rule!

But I was motivated, and realised the tremendous potential of this tool. I will talk about it in more detail, but if by any chance, you and your company is engaged in any of the following, stayed tuned.

Because, the stuff that I am going to teach in Malaysia is going to change the way you are going about in your business and life.

So, stay tuned or contact me, if you … :

– … are engaged in hiring people and you are frustrated that you don’t find the right staff
- … you are in market research or marketing and you want a better way to understand your customers
- … are a leader who wants better communication with his or her staff
- … want to oost your sales & customer service skills but understanding and influencing even the most critical customers
- … are a regular speaker in many of our forums
-… are a coach that meets many people and who wants to initiate change more easily
- … intend to create high performing teams that actually work with each other

And much more.

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