Bald head – and the rules in your head

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There are two different ways of how people form rules of conduct in their country, and ultimately in their head.

One is called the Roman or Napoleonic Law and the other one is called the Common Law.

Under the Roman or Napoleonic Law, everything that is not specifically allowed is forbidden. The Common Law states that everything that is not specifically forbidden is allowed.

Can you see the difference? The Roman Law boxes people in. Not much is happening. No innovation because heyyyy – it is forbidden.

The Common Law gives you more freedom, because only when something is specifically forbidden, it is not allowed. Of course, there are limits to ethics, and integrity and others, but this then boils down to values and education.

You can easily identify those rules in your discussion with others. How do they see rules being made and enforced? Or, look around in your company. Does your company have a big book on rules, and everything needs to be done procedural, and with stamps upon stamps for approval? Or is it a more freewheeling culture that allows experimentation and changes?

Now, I also wonder if you can read my thoughts about the discussion on Sharifah Amani and if we need rules that determine the hairstyle of actors and actresses. And I wonder, is this really what we need? Aren’t there other problems that we need addressing much more urgently, in the backyard of Malaysia or in the rest of the world?

Borrowed with thanks from: Where’s My Noose?: A Very Bold (Bald) Girl

Sharifah Amani


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