Beliefs and mental pressure

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Yesterday evening in the 2014 Worldcup Qualifier Game, Germany gave away a 4 goal lead against Sweden and the game ended 4:4. Something like this has never happened before to the German team and they might look back and wonder, what happened.

They seemed unbeatable, overrunning their opponents easily. Last time, they swept away the Irish team with 6:1.

Can we attribute it to too much pressure on the young German team, or have they become complacent?

You see, what can happen is that once successful, we take things for granted.

We are there and what can happen?

Imagine, your big next presentation comes up but hey – may be you have presented ur whole life and what could possibly go wrong? Well, take a look at Barack Obama’s first presidential debate against Mitt Romney and you can cringe about his performance. Normally stellar, he just collapsed, and stumpled. Can this happen? Of course it can, but it is a matter of stepping back, during the performance and get back up as fast as possible.

Imagine, you have a great sales negotiation coming up. Now, reading this, you might say, of course, you prepare diligently. But do you?

When we have done something many times, and we were so successful, our preparation might lapse. We might just believe in our own ability to get through as usual and in glory.

It might not happen.

Somehow, suddenly, pressure might build up, which causes us to lose our grip and our ability to bounce back!

As such, when things go bad, our belief in ourselves and our ability to succeed might be threatened. In business, this can lead to bad decisions.

It happened last night during the German – Sweden Game. Germany’s mental strength collapsed under pressure. And they were not able to rebound as fast as they could!

Here are some quotes from after the game:

Germany coach, Joachim Löw, was no closer to understanding what happened. “I don’t know how to explain it,” he said. “Normally we would not waste a four-goal lead. The problem seems to have been mental after 60 minutes. We became sloppy and lost our discipline.”

Klose scored in the eighth and the 15th minutes, Per Mertesacker added another in the 39th and Mesut Ozil made it 4-0 in the 56th. But Zlatan Ibrahimovic, in the 62nd minute, Mikael Lustig and Johan Elmander scored before Rasmus Elm snatched the point with a goal two minutes into stoppage time.

“It was 11 different players who came out for the second half,” Ibrahimovic said. “We played in a completely different way … I don’t know how to describe it. We were too scared and had too much respect in the first half. After my first goal I felt they were backing off more and more.”

The Germany captain, Philipp Lahm, said the result was “very bitter”. “Maybe we thought the game was already over,” he said. “You concede the first goal, then the second and then everything falls apart.”


Now, it is about bouncing back and regaining the strength! Can you bounce back after a setback?


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