Relaxed with Hypnosis and then Electrocuted

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A Chinese Gay plans to sue a so-called gay conversion therapy clinic for causing him mental and physical harm during his therapy. He said he voluntarily underwent the therapy in February following pressure from his parents to get married and … Continued

Guest Article Part 2: Adriana James on “Can NLP Be Used For Manipulation?”

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In Part 1 of the post series “Can NLP be used for manipulation”, Adriana James outlined stated, that, if NLP is manipulative, all the methodologies from which it is derived are manipulative as well. This would include Family Therapy, Gestalt … Continued

Guest article: Adriana James on “Can NLP Be Used For Manipulation?”

Adriana James in her website NLP Coaching for the Tad James Company wrote a 2-Part Article answering the question: “Can NLP be used for manipulation.” The main thrust of the article really is that, firstly, nothing in NLP comes from … Continued

Khai’s testimonial after Asia Mind Dynamics’ NLP and Timeline Therapy(TM) Practitioner Training

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Khai participated in Asia Mind Dynamics’ NLP and Timeline Therapy(TM) Practitioner Class in December 2013. Already during the training, he broke through many of his perceived roadblocks and started to create the life that he wants, deserves and desires. He … Continued

NTV Host Li Kim, Najwa and Andreas Dorn – Phobia Removal live on TV

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On Monday, September 23 2013, NTV’s Paranormal Show came to our office for one of their sessions. They wanted to see, if it is possible to remove a phobia of cockroaches. The lady that I worked with had that phobia … Continued

IOS 7, Apple and NLP

Now, what have IOS7, Apple and NLP in common? It sounds weird, doesn’t it But may be there is something to it, and to understand those that love or hate Apple and its incremental innovation (lol!). NLP has something called … Continued

NLP knew it all along – erasing bad memories is possible

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MIT Technology Report published an article called Reparing Bad Memories. It is a lengthy article with the main message that memories are changeable. This might seem revolutionary as for a long time, science and psychology actually believed that once a … Continued

NLP Graduation and letting go

Last Friday, our current batch of NLP Practitioners had their demonstration day, which means, they demonstrated their acquired NLP skills to me. Yesterday, they had their final Graduation after completion of NLP and Timeline Therapy(TM) Techniques. I wrote about it … Continued

NLP Practitioner – the last day

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On the last day of our NLP Practitioner training and before we start with the Timeline Therapy(TM) Training, Asia Mind Dynamics created a very special day for our participants. They will have to demonstrate their acquired skills and show me … Continued

Dealing with nasty people and bullies at work

Do you know how it feels like to work with nasty people? I remember that, when I came out of university, jobs were rare in Germany. And my university degree is Economic and Social Geography. Not necessarily the study scope … Continued

Testimonial by Prof Arivalan after our NLP and Timeline Therapy(TM) Training

Prof Dr. Arivalan Ramaiyah provides a testimonial after successful completion of his Certified NLP and Timeline Therapy(TM) Practitioner Training with Asia Mind Dynamics. Enjoy! ________________________________________________________________ Andreas is the founder of Asia Mind Dynamics and a certified trainer of internationally recognised … Continued

Mustang Wanted – a new guy on the block

I am back to my favourite topic – beliefs. Again, beliefs are the lenses that you wear to evaluate events and people around you. Beliefs are important because they help you to function in your life and make sense of … Continued

A day of happiness

Yesterday was our very first International Happiness Day as declared by the United Nations. It “underlines the commitment of its 193 member states to “better capture the importance of the pursuit of happiness and well-being in development with a view to … Continued

Change – small, big and customised

If you are into NLP and you follow my writing, you know that I believe that instant change is possible. In fact, NLP has been called “the Art and Science of Instant Change.” And Richard Bandler, one of the co-founders … Continued

American Idol, Season 12

American Idol is back on TV and I am back in front of it watching it. Yes, I have to admit, I like the show, even so many people criticise, dismiss, or even condemn it. If you want to know … Continued

Congratulations to the fattest man on earth – Paul Mason

Paul Mason has achieved his goal. He has shed nearly two-thirds of his body weight after gastric bypass surgery in 2010. At his heaviest, the 52-year-old from Ipswich, England tipped the scales at an astonishing 980 pounds. At the peak … Continued

Giving up on your goals

Yes, it is already February 2013, and  I am writing about the fact that a month has passed since the new year started (gosh – what a funny sentence, seriously!!). Most of those that set any resolution for 2013 have … Continued

Coaching people

Coaching people is really great. There is nothing better than seeing a person being transformed totally and able to run his or her life again. But it is a different picture when they come to the office. They are beaten … Continued

What Your Desk Says About You

Is your desk messy or clean? Are papers laying around and it looks kind of messy or is it an “organised” chaos. Do you have coffeestains on the table? Are the doors in your office open or closed? Or  – … Continued

McNamara and the Giant Wave

McNamara in November 2011 surfed what is now known as the world’s highest wave. 70 feet. It is possible that he just broke his own record and enjoyed the ride on a 90 foot wave. Would you do it, is … Continued

Kate Middleton uses hypnotherapy for food aversion

Well, hypnosis can be used for a lot of things, and one of it is working with food. Or better, to get rid of weight and that might mean to eliminate food items from someone’s menu. However, Kate Middleton, the … Continued

Lance Armstrong, and the seduction of power

Lance Armstrong battled testicular cancer. After that battle he managed to win the Tour de France 7 times. It is one of the most competitive, most reputable and physically most demanding bicyle race. Lance Armstrong became the hero for many. … Continued

A Picture of me

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A friend of mine, Frankie Lee of Hypno-Firm Malaysia is not only a very nice guy :), but also very creative. He took several pictures of me downloaded from Facebook, and created the following picture. Don’t you love it? I think … Continued

Creating the new “you”

Since it is the beginning of the new year, there is still time to make some adjustments to your goal, or to kick start it again, should you have given up already (actually, you can always start following up with … Continued

Asia Mind Dynamics – Testimonial by Chuen Yean Soh after our NLP and Hypnosis Certification Courses

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Chuen Yean Soh took Asia Mind Dynamics’ Advanced Coaching Package (NLP Practitioner, Timeline TherapyTM, Language and Behaviour Profileand Hypnosis) in 2011. He also became a Master Practitioner of NLP, Timeline Therapy(TM) and Master Coaching and he successfully completed his Intensive … Continued

My old blog

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I am getting back into blogging and will re-launch my old blog. Not many people know nowadays that I was actually very active in blogging, when it wasn’t the rage at all. My first blog entry was on June 10, … Continued

UPSR and the right to fail

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At the age of around 12 years, children in Malaysia undergo a major examination in school. It is called UPSR and it causes major stress. Not just for the children, but also for the parents. This is because education is … Continued

Asia Mind Dynamics – Testimonial by Alice and Lester Seow after our NLP Practitioner Training

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Alice and Lester are financial consultants. They took Asia Mind Dynamics’ Advanced Coaching Package (NLP Practitioner, Timeline TherapyTM, Language and Behaviour Profileand Hypnosis) in 2010. Their goals in that year were huge, and they worked hard on them. Using all … Continued

Asia Mind Dynamics – Testimonial by Wendy Lor after our NLP Practitioner Training

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Wendy Lor of WendyLorArtisans took our Advanced Coaching Package, Intensive Hypnosis and now the Master Classes in NLP, Timeline Therapy(TM) and Coaching. She is a fantastic woman who really goes out all the way to make her dreams come true. No … Continued

Asia Mind Dynamics – Our NLP Practitioner Jonathan Quek shares his story in this interview

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Jonathan Quek, Author of the book “Why Gold, Why Silver, Why Now, joined our NLP and Timeline Therapy(TM) Practitioner Course in 2007. In this video, he shares his story and how he used NLP to change his life and build … Continued

Photos by Asia Mind Dynamics

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Click here to go to our FaceBook Page to see pictures taken during our different training.   Have fun, and if you need to know more about Asia Mind Dynamics and our NLP-, Timeline Therapy Techniques(TM)-, Hypnosis- or Language and … Continued

Dr. Haji Tengku Asmadi – Testimonial for Asia Mind Dynamics upon his completion of his NLP and Timeline Therapy(TM) Practitioner Course

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Actually, we had many high-level participants in the NLP and Timeline Therapy(TM) Practitioner training organised by Asia Mind Dynamics, but I have to say that most likely Dr. Haji Tengku Asmadi was one of the most famous people in the … Continued

Asia Mind Dynamics: Testimonial by Rizal of Take Charge

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Mohd Hassan Rizal of Take Charge participated in Asia Mind Dynamics’ Master Class which include NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Master Coaching and Master Timeline Therapy (TM) Techniques. He was already a very successful performance enhancer before the course, but used … Continued

Asia Mind Dynamics – Testimonial by author Robert D. Hamilton

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Robert D. Hamilton published the book “Ignite The Spark – Explode Your Results”. It is a fantastic book that provides readers with 12 revolutionary strategies to Kick-Start Their Life. We had the great honour to have Robert as one of … Continued

Anthony and Freddy Jacquin visiting Asia Mind Dynamics

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In September 2012, the British legends of hypnosis and hypnotherapy visited Malaysia, as they were invited by a friend called Frankie, who runs Hypno-Firm (you can find them on FaceBook!) It is a father and son team. Their name is … Continued

Beliefs and mental pressure

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Yesterday evening in the 2014 Worldcup Qualifier Game, Germany gave away a 4 goal lead against Sweden and the game ended 4:4. Something like this has never happened before to the German team and they might look back and wonder, … Continued

Felix Baumgartner and your beliefs

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“Australian skydiver Felix Baumgartner set three records in his successful  jump yesterday — one for the highest manned balloon flight, one for highest skydive, and another for being the first person to exceed the speed of sound without a vehicle.” Source. … Continued

Anthony Jacquin and Freddy Jacquin visiting Malaysia and Asia Mind Dynamics

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About 2 weeks back, the British legends of hypnosis and hypnotherapy visited Malaysia, as they were invited by a friend called Frankie, who runs Hypno-Firm (you can find them on FaceBook!) It is a father and son team, Their name … Continued

You and your instincts

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Our unconscious mind is very old. It has been around before we developed the ability to speak.  It always protected and still protects us through our fight or flight response. It warns us of dangers as next to us might … Continued

Personal Loss leads to Weight Loss Drive

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You surely don’t know Kimberley Truesdell. She is a 30 year old woman whose mother died in 2009, age 50. She died because she was overweigth to an extense that her weight caused damage to the brain. Kimberley’s mother weighted … Continued

Goals and the Unconscious Mind – Part 3

In Part One of this series, I wrote about the Conscious and the Unconscious Mind, and how these two parts of the mind make it happen that your goals can be achieved. In Part 2, I dived deeper and described … Continued

Goals and the Unconscious Mind – Part 2

In Part 1 on Goals and the Unconscious Mind, I wrote that the Unconscious Mind is the goal getter and that the Conscious Mind is the goal getter. I also mentioned that if both of them are in conflict with … Continued

Goals and the Unconscious Mind – Part 1

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As we close in to the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012, I thought I start off by writing some articles on the power of goals. You see, goal setting is an art and when done correctly, your … Continued

My own Street Hypnosis in Solaris Dutamas

After I completed the training by Anthony Jaquin on Street Hypnosis, I thought I have to practice and so I did. Okay, I cheated, and did only go into a restaurant where I know the owner. And then I hypnotised … Continued

Street Hypnosis with Anthony Jaquin in Malaysia

  Anthony Jaquin of Head Hacking was in town. Interested in hypnosis as Najwa and I are, we packed up our NLP Master Practitioners 🙂 (who are as enthusiastic about Hypnosis as we are, and just advance their NLP Training … Continued

Become a Certified NLP Practitioner

About Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP NLP is the art and science of excellence, derived from studying how top people in different fields obtain their outstanding results.  These skills can be learned by anyone to improve their effectiveness both personally … Continued

Is the mindset of drivers a reflection of trends in the society?

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Driving through Kuala Lumpur gets more and more stressful. The roads are constantly clogged, lots of honking and pushing each other away. It looks and feels as if there are private wars going on. Looking into the cars, and observing … Continued

Bad memories wiped away with unique therapy

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Science stated that they found a new way to wipe out bad memories with a new and unique methods. In a way this is interesting. What they describe as wiping out bad memories is done in NLP Coaching, Hypnosis or … Continued

Obsessed with life

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I am obsessed with life. It probably is the best obsession to have. And I cannot get enough of it. Every day is like a blessing, full of wonders, surprises and learning. I love it! I remember how I was … Continued

The meaning of festivals

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Meaning. What is it? It is what we attribute to certain events. Something happens around us and we evaluate it. Either in a conversation with others or through our Inner Voice. Now, it is the end of Ramadan and over … Continued

Client Management Conference and communication via Facebook

I was speaking at a conference called Client Relationship Management, Retention and Acquisition. As usual, I spoke about Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and how behaviours and values impact how companies and the individuals work inside deal with customers. My topic … Continued

Mindset of Excellence, mindset of persistence

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He did it. The French Spiderman Alain Robert finally managed to climb Malaysia’s 88 Storey Petronas Tower. It was his third attempt, after two trials, one in 1997 and one in 2007, failed. He never gave up and he climbed … Continued

Values Based Leadership

I was interviewed by Freda Liu of BFM 89.9 about Values-Based Leadership. Here is the link to the interview, in case you want to listen to it. Values Based Leadership In the interview, I define values, how they drive what … Continued

The end of 2009

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Am I too early? I just realised that it is August already and time is racing. Reflect on this year. What have you achieved in 2009 already? Did you celebrate all your successes? What did you set out to do … Continued

Tan Sri’s and rapport

I went to Lumut last Saturday to teach rapport building skills to a group of Tans Sri’s and Dato’s and “normal” management. It happened as I accompanied the CEO of another company to that place and was part of a … Continued

Awana Hotel, Frank Sinatra and My Way

I am training in the Awana Hotel in Langkawi. The second batch of leaders for a company in the financial service industry. Great people, great learning. Funny all around. I woke up this morning and started to whistle a song. … Continued

Can leaders still learn?

What an interesting question. During this training program in Langkawi/ Malaysia, some leaders in the initial part of the training mentioned that actually they do not know if they can learn something. They are so long on the job. They … Continued

Creating Great Training Programmes

As a trainer, it is also my job to formulate training programmes, customised to the needs of an organisation. This is the exciting part of my job, aside of the actual training. It is not just about taking material from … Continued

Employee Engagement and Monday morning

Employee engagement. It’s definition varies but it basically means that employees are so happy with their work at their current employer that they go beyond the call of duty. They are productive, contribute, talk highly about their company and would … Continued

1.5 days of training wonderful people

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I just came back from a wonderful bunch of highly energised people that really look forward to applying the learning of NLP in their job. They are in a lifestyle incentive programme company, offering great programmes to their individual and … Continued

Susan Boyle and her Lessons for Leadership

Have you heard of Susan Boyle? May be not but her story is worthwhile relating as there is an interesting leadership lesson in her rise to become a star. She was the singing sensation on a British television talent contest. … Continued

Mothersday, and Gratitude

Gratitude – or the process of being grateful for something. How grateful are you to be alive? How grateful are you to live in Malaysia? In Germany? In, wherever you are? How grateful are you to have parents? How grateful … Continued

You are fired – retrenchment or the fear of what comes next!

We all know Donald Trump’s show “The Apprentice” and how it always ends with “You Are Fired”. It is nice to sit in front of the TV and watch how others get fired.   But now, it happens more and … Continued

I like myself

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Try it out. Look into a mirror. Say it loud to yourself. “I like myself”. How do you feel when you say this? Many people feel funny. It might be the first time that they say this for years and … Continued

Throw your books away

A couple of weeks ago I sat through a presentation by an HR person that talked about the recession (what a favourite topic), and its impact on the way HR conducts is business. He was tough and to the point. … Continued

I am busy

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It is not that this blog is dead. It is just that I am busy. It is beautiful and like living my dream. Nothing more exciting than to see people break through their limitations. To conduct trainings that are absolutely … Continued

The little girl aside of the street

It was raining, last night. My son called me and asked me to pick him up after his tuition, at about 6.00 PM. While driving out from our area, I have to pass a public school. Aside of the school, … Continued

Bullies at the workplace

“A study of 1,100 employees at a large federal court system by University of Michigan researcher Lilia M. Cortina found that 71 percent of the workers had been insulted, demeaned, ignored or otherwise treated discourteously by their co-workers and supervisors. … Continued

Are NLPlers robots?

Recently, in a training, we, my wife and me, had a discussion with some of the participants. The participants were amazed how my wife and I cooperate in the training. We are a good team, for sure. I am kind … Continued

Torn apart – challenges in today’s environment

Everybody experiences conflict. Feeling torn apart. Not knowing what direction to take. Have you ever had the feeling that on the one hand, you wanted to embark on a journey, try something new, go for something exciting, but then, something … Continued

Talks about recession and mental preparation

A while ago, I asked, what will people or do more of or less of during a crisis or before a crisis. The discussions about a possible recession rage. Everywhere I go, wherever I hold a speech, attend a seminar … Continued

Stress is hurting the body

Wouldn’t we have know this before? “The 2008 Stress in America survey, conducted by the American Psychological Assn. and released in October, found that stress levels have increased significantly over the last two years, particularly in the last six months. … Continued

Yoga and trust

Yoga is fast becoming an endangered species in Malaysia, as the National Fatwa Council will come out with a ruling on yoga exercise and a possible ban of Yoga for Muslims. “Director-general Datuk Wan Mohamad Sheikh Abdul Aziz said the … Continued

Disengaged employees

Let’s talk about serious stuff. Ask yourself, how do you get up in the morning? Do you prefer to laze around a little while longer, put the alarm clock on another snooze and then another, do you dread going to … Continued

Facebook, narcissism, leadership and the current crisis

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Are you on Facebook? May be spending hours and hours on either designing your website, leaving messages on your friends’ site, sending out flowers, fighting battles with werewolves and others? Or are you the more casual user, checking in every … Continued

Financial crisis – some are still buying

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Boy, this is kind of a rollercoaster ride. Dow Jones is up and down. Some banks are shaking, some go down – who would have thought that Wachovia would fail – while others, such as BNP Paribas still expand. The … Continued

It all starts with a dream …..

When was the last time you took time out to rest, relax, think, dream, have fun – or simply just to be away from work? Too often we are chased by deadlines, emails, follow-up calls, building relations, meeting our daily … Continued

When enough is enough

Humans are specialists in holding out to the limit. Most of us can get pushed, and pushed and pushed, without ever saying no to something. Just think about it for a moment. I believe you know people who work and … Continued

The difference that makes the difference

Interesting. NLP trainers often say that NLP works with the difference that makes the difference in, for example, performance. What is the one piece going on in someone’s mind that makes the difference to success versus another person that does … Continued

Scaling change

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I love scales and may be the reason for this is my huge background in market research. Scales from 1 to 5, or 1 to 7 always gives you an indication of where someone or something stands. Imagine, for just … Continued

World’s shortest man and leggiest woman met

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How sweet, but then, there are serious questions, nevertheless. How do these two look at the world? The world’s smallest man, standing at 74.61 cm, while her legs reach 132 cm. They have a different view, altogether, and thus, their … Continued

The Financial Crisis – questions to ask and activities to do!

AIG is hanging in the ropes, even so there was a last minute rescue attempt. Lehmann Brothers, a very old financial institution, declared bankrupcy a couple of days ago. Barclays buys some assets in the firesale. Merrill Lynch, another blue … Continued

Dirty Malaysia and global crisis

I cleaned up my rooms at home, used a lot of water and really carried away a lot of things. To our recycling center, that is still not open often enough. Now, it is fun to move around at home, … Continued

Cleaning up

Have you ever realised that there could be a relation between the mess that clutters your office or home and your state of mind? Now, I don’t have anything scientific on it, but can only reflect on my own history. … Continued

Stress and emails

How fast do you respond to emails? Is it the norm in your life to respond immediately? Does your boss demand immediate responses, or your client? Can you follow through emails? Do you delay responding? A study shows that the … Continued

NLP used during the Beijing Olympics

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It is now official – the British team that competed in the Beijing Olympics used ….. Neuro Linguistics Programming. And it is part of the success recipe – they achieved the best performance in 100 years, underlined with 19 Gold … Continued

The power of trust

Many people believe that rapport is enough to gain access to the emotions of others. The saying goes, that rapport is the happening because people like people who are like them. Some equate rapport with trust. I don’t see it … Continued

A mindset of honesty

Honesty is probably related to trust. Trust in people. Trust in doing what is right. Honesty is hard to come by, sometimes. Wherever you look, you see corruption, broken promises, people who feel let down, sadness and despair. And I … Continued

15 minutes of sleep

I recently read it somewhere, but it slipped my attention. May be I am sleepy :). But, I am serious. Imagine you sleep just 15 minutes less per day. Or use time in the traffic jam to think productively. Listen … Continued

Olympics and mindset

The Olympics are here. Yeah, I know I am a bit late in writing about it. Clearly, I am also busy with my own NLP training, which is currently running. The Olympics are a great showcase of how to use … Continued

What do you do when …. Questions that make you think!

A couple of questions that might haunt you or anyone else in your surrounding, every now and then. Some of these might be personal, some might relate to your professional field. Think about them, and may be share your responses, … Continued

Got to love them – Inul’s dance controversy and many interesting questions!

Last week’s New Straits Times published quite a cute article on Indonesian dancer and singer Inul Daratista. Pas Youth (probably the Youth arm of PAS, the Islamic Opposition Party in Malaysia) chief Kamaruzaman Mohamad asked Kuala Lumpur Mayor Abdul Hakim … Continued

Robin Sharma and I

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Robin Sharma, author of numerous bestselling books, such as “The Monk Who sold His Ferrary” or “The Greatness Guide” was in Kuala Lumpur recently. I had the pleasure of attending the seminar and meeting him afterwards. Honestly, I was impressed. … Continued

11 tips on identifying your relation to fuel consumption

Fuel prices are increasing, not only in Malaysia. There are even riots across the globe and protestors demand lower fuel prices. I have successfully managed to reduce my own fuel consumption. It is possible – answer a couple of questions, … Continued

NLP Trainings – just curious: What are you looking out for?

May be an interesting question that I would like to ask those who read this blog. Feel free to respond to my email address In Malaysia, there are a couple of NLP Training houses around, and many more exist … Continued

because …. it works. The beauty of hypnotic language patterns

Because …. What powerful word. Oftentimes, we expect a justification when someone says the word “because”. But because is much more powerful, when you place it correctly. Just because we expect a reason to follow and people simply love to … Continued

NLP Master Practitioner Certification with Asia Mind Dynamics

I am very excited. For various reasons. But the main reason is that tomorrow, Asia Mind Dynamics is running its NLP Master Practitioner Certification Course. It is our first, and we are planning the second one already. This first one … Continued

Gaining confidence through singing – the new portable Karaoke machine

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May be the new invention or innovation from Japan assists us in gaining more confidence? Ask yourself – how many of us like to sing in public, in front of an audience? Or even on the street? I believe most … Continued

Second job to beat rising costs?

Senator Tan Sri Amirsham A. Aziz stated in the NST yesterday morning that “Malaysians, including civil servants, are encouraged to get after-office or weekend jobs to cope with the rising cost of food and fuel.” Hm – this makes me … Continued

Coaching with Tad James and Adriana James

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It really is fun to participate in the NLP Master Practitioner Trainings of Tad and Adriana James as coaching assistant in Australia. There are 63 students in their class, from all around the world. Lots of questions and great exercises. … Continued

Off to Australia

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Dear All, I am off to Australia until June 14 as a coaching assistant in Tad James’ training. Tad James is one of the leading developers in NLP, and I am honoured to be there. Hence, blogging will be sporadic, … Continued

Training and creating new behaviours

Training is fun. I arrive in the morning to a company’s compound. Have been there before, of course. Meeting with HR, the CEO (sometimes), department heads, and staff members. Still, there are always some training participants, that I haven’t met. … Continued

NLP, expectations and reaching your goals

Many of us live under the curse of high expectations. I am not saying that expectations are bad, per se, but the question is, how high are your expectations, how are you handling failure to meet expectations and how do … Continued

Persuasion can be done – one person at a time

Seth Godin has an entry on persuasion and it is a good one. The main point of his entry is that persuasion is not a thing” that can be mass produced. We are all different, and we all run different … Continued

Success and decisions – how do you know what to do next?

A former participant of mine approached me with an issue. She is at the crossroad of her career. Too many choices available and she does not know how to proceed. She came to me to see, if there is any … Continued

Comparisons and learning

Do you believe you understand your product and service? The stuff that you actually sell to others? It is quite interesting, when you sit in your chair and believe that actually, you are differentiating your product. May be you have … Continued

Mark Twain and his relation to Rocky V and Silvester Stallone

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I am just browsing through the different blogs that I am reading, winding down a day of meetings, coaching sessions and preparations for the upcoming second module of the Language and Behaviour Profile Training. While doing this, I came across … Continued

Happy Valentine’s Day to all lovers and wanna-be lovers

To be in love is one great feeling. The heart is pumping, the moment you think of your lover, and you are simply happy. Nothing can bother you. You sing songs loud, and may be wrong, just because it makes … Continued

Children are the ultimate business upstart

Interesting entry over at Guy Kawasaki’s blog who received a mail from Sherry Couch of BizNiche. An email to him stated that all that there is to know about a business upstart can be leart from giving birth and raising … Continued

Scolding and lecturing

Please, please tell, me, for whom did scolding and lecturing ever work? As the one who lectured and scolded, and the poor recipient? I believe, hey, I strongly believe that lecturing and scolding doesn’t work. What really happens when we … Continued

Speaking at the ASEAN Businesswomen Leaders Conference by ASLI

Asli, or the Asia Strategy & Leadership Institute is one of the foremost organisations in setting the pace in the conference arena in Asia. I had the pleasure of speaking at plenty of their conferences, most with quite good reviews … Continued

American Idol – It’s back and we celebrate

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American Idol, Simon, Paula and Randy are back. And with them a whole bunch of talented young singers. Or not so talented singers. The elimination process is ongoing. There is a certain exciting development in the overall show, and its … Continued

The “Don’t Do It” of professional presentations

Suzanne Lowe of the Expertise Marketplace has a couple of pointers about what one shouldn’t do if they are to act professionally. Cool points, so let me recite them here: Suzanne Lowe’s “Five Biggest Professional Service Presentation Don’ts” 1.) Don’t … Continued

A kiss a day keeps the doctor away!

Years ago, I wrote about Sweaty Hands. While my opinion has changed – many people just can’t help it – research has now shown that hands and handshakes transmit huge amount of germs. So read up, below, to see, what … Continued

Coloured food in Malaysia

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This is always fun and ever so often, I fall for it – coloured food, of whatever colour. A buffet in Malaysia. Or one of its many public holidays and celebrations. And there it is. The piece of food that … Continued

What is her responsibility – Canadian drug victim sues dealer

He sold her drugs, she fall into coma for 11 days and suffered a hear attack. Once she woke up, she sued the drug dealer for endangering her life. “”I sued him for negligence… for selling me drugs and getting … Continued

About 2008 – what needs to happen to make this your best year ever?

It is already one week into 2008. Have you initiated the changes that you intended to initiate on this spectacular December 31, 2007? If you have, how do you feel? I hope the answer is better!! What, if you have … Continued

Unsatisfied employees costing economy billions

An interview with Consulting News with Patrick Lencioni on Miserable Jobs reveals astonishing data from a Gallup Study. It says that recent poll found that 77 percent of people hate their jobs (probably in the US$). Gallup also contends that … Continued

The graveyard shift in a conference

Have you ever been to a conference? Many delegates enjoy the lunch, mostly served as buffet. Plate after plate, rice and meat and vegetables, aside of the obligatory networking. What happens after lunch? Most speakers state that the session after … Continued

Is caning the solution to social ills?

“Female students should be caned because their disciplinary cases are just as serious as boys’. This is the reason behind a call to introduce caning for girls in schools, one of the resolutions passed at the National Seminar on Education … Continued

A tragic death of a little girl

A girl, just about 12 years old, committed suicide after she failed to receive the exam results she aspired to. I am sad about that fact, and it throws me back to my own educational style. What is going on … Continued

I can’t access it anymore ….

We finished our corporate NLP training a while ago. In the class were 2 persons with a phobia – heights and coming down a mountain/ steep area, such as a staircase) and a great fear of lizzards. We started working … Continued

The structure of thoughts

Too many people believe that thoughts are just about the little voice in your head. This is actually just one component of it. A thought is composed of a couple of other ingredients. The visuals – the pictures that come … Continued

Reduced bedtime can reduce children’s cognitive abilities

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Something here for every parent, and those, who plan to have children. Children nowadays sleep lesser than we did when we were young. “It has been documented in a handful of major studies that children, from elementary school through high … Continued

Short people and their perception

You receive what you focus on. Isn’t this one of the sentences in “The Secret” (or something like that?). It is the law of attraction. If someone constantly focuses on the negative stuff in life, is it a wonder that … Continued

Mind reading and sensory overload – is this why our kids behave the way they do?

Psychology Today, in its article on mind reading, writes that we mind read stuff into others, in an ongoing fashion. “It’s the way we make sense of other people’s behavior and decide on our own next moves. Mind reading enables … Continued

The competition in conflicting categories – snacks versus mobile phones

What an interesting concept. “In the western markets consumers are very rarely really hungry. We consume a lot of our calories just to fill gaps – gaps when we are bored, waiting, annoyed, etc. This we see when we observe … Continued

You are what you fear most

If there is something that you see, hear or feel – when there is something or someone that ticks you off and makes you angry. If you say something like – “I cannot stand him when he is doing that” … Continued

Confusion and change

Confusion, often cursed as an undesired state of mind, is actually positive, when you think about it carefully. Put it in relation to change. If there is no change, people are comfortable. They are going about doing their thing, and … Continued

Corporate NLP Training

Some companies chose to accelerate. They send their staff to my NLP training, or some “smart” staff persuades HR to send them to the training. Then, they come back, are excited, and changed, perform better, communicate greatly, and the company … Continued

How does motivation work?

There is an ongoing discussion on creating motivation and how to motivate an employee to perform faster, or how to motivate children to do their homework or clean up the room. Heck, there are plenty of programs offering the solution … Continued

Garbage Trucks in Your Life

How often do you let other people’s nonsense change your mood? Do you let a bad driver, rude waiter, curt boss, or an insensitive employee ruin your day? Unless you’re the Terminator, you’re probably set back on your heels. However, … Continued

Back from Italy – as Trainer of the Language and Behaviour Profile

I was in Italy for the last 2.5 weeks to upgrade my NLP skills. The training was tremendous fun, and the most challenging that I have undergone in my life. When I already thought that the three weeks last year … Continued

Competition, cutting through the clutter and focus on your customer

KLCC’s foodcourt, the one atop the Centercourt. But it could be any foodcourt in any shopping mall in any country. Competition is hard. While there are thousands of customers flooding in through the gates at any given day, for lunch, … Continued

Mistakes can happen – what do you learn from it?

One thing that I need to do urgently. I need to clean up and update my different drives: internal harddrives, external hard disks, thumbdrives etc. I realised that over time, stuff happens to duplicate and in the end, I have … Continued

Selling of product benefits

Honestly, I believe selling of product benefits is out. There are too many competitors out there that sell the same product as any other company. Take your product and check it via Google. May be you even know how many … Continued

Completion of the Certified NLP Practitioner Training

Done. This was one very successful practitioner course. Sure, in the end, there were only 6 participants, but I was so happy with the outcome, because all of them, and I am serious, got the learning. Serious learning. With fun … Continued

Off to Penang

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I am off to Penang tomorrow evening, just after the NLP Certified Practitioner course. Flying off for a Sales with NLP training and a Leadership Excellence with NLP training. Wonderful. That is so great. I am on the road. There … Continued