Tan Sri’s and rapport

I went to Lumut last Saturday to teach rapport building skills to a group of Tans Sri’s and Dato’s and “normal” management. It happened as I accompanied the CEO of another company to that place and was part of a … Continued

The difference that makes the difference

Interesting. NLP trainers often say that NLP works with the difference that makes the difference in, for example, performance. What is the one piece going on in someone’s mind that makes the difference to success versus another person that does … Continued

What do you do when …. Questions that make you think!

A couple of questions that might haunt you or anyone else in your surrounding, every now and then. Some of these might be personal, some might relate to your professional field. Think about them, and may be share your responses, … Continued

because …. it works. The beauty of hypnotic language patterns

Because …. What powerful word. Oftentimes, we expect a justification when someone says the word “because”. But because is much more powerful, when you place it correctly. Just because we expect a reason to follow and people simply love to … Continued