IOS 7, Apple and NLP

Now, what have IOS7, Apple and NLP in common? It sounds weird, doesn’t it But may be there is something to it, and to understand those that love or hate Apple and its incremental innovation (lol!). NLP has something called … Continued

Dealing with nasty people and bullies at work

Do you know how it feels like to work with nasty people? I remember that, when I came out of university, jobs were rare in Germany. And my university degree is Economic and Social Geography. Not necessarily the study scope … Continued

Values Based Leadership

I was interviewed by Freda Liu of BFM 89.9 about Values-Based Leadership. Here is the link to the interview, in case you want to listen to it. Values Based Leadership In the interview, I define values, how they drive what … Continued

Tan Sri’s and rapport

I went to Lumut last Saturday to teach rapport building skills to a group of Tans Sri’s and Dato’s and “normal” management. It happened as I accompanied the CEO of another company to that place and was part of a … Continued