My own Street Hypnosis in Solaris Dutamas

After I completed the training by Anthony Jaquin on Street Hypnosis, I thought I have to practice and so I did. Okay, I cheated, and did only go into a restaurant where I know the owner. And then I hypnotised … Continued

Street Hypnosis with Anthony Jaquin in Malaysia

  Anthony Jaquin of Head Hacking was in town. Interested in hypnosis as Najwa and I are, we packed up our NLP Master Practitioners 🙂 (who are as enthusiastic about Hypnosis as we are, and just advance their NLP Training … Continued

Awana Hotel, Frank Sinatra and My Way

I am training in the Awana Hotel in Langkawi. The second batch of leaders for a company in the financial service industry. Great people, great learning. Funny all around. I woke up this morning and started to whistle a song. … Continued

What do you do when …. Questions that make you think!

A couple of questions that might haunt you or anyone else in your surrounding, every now and then. Some of these might be personal, some might relate to your professional field. Think about them, and may be share your responses, … Continued

because …. it works. The beauty of hypnotic language patterns

Because …. What powerful word. Oftentimes, we expect a justification when someone says the word “because”. But because is much more powerful, when you place it correctly. Just because we expect a reason to follow and people simply love to … Continued