American Idol, Season 12

American Idol is back on TV and I am back in front of it watching it. Yes, I have to admit, I like the show, even so many people criticise, dismiss, or even condemn it. If you want to know … Continued

Lance Armstrong, and the seduction of power

Lance Armstrong battled testicular cancer. After that battle he managed to win the Tour de France 7 times. It is one of the most competitive, most reputable and physically most demanding bicyle race. Lance Armstrong became the hero for many. … Continued

Stress is hurting the body

Wouldn’t we have know this before? “The 2008 Stress in America survey, conducted by the American Psychological Assn. and released in October, found that stress levels have increased significantly over the last two years, particularly in the last six months. … Continued

Financial crisis – some are still buying

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Boy, this is kind of a rollercoaster ride. Dow Jones is up and down. Some banks are shaking, some go down – who would have thought that Wachovia would fail – while others, such as BNP Paribas still expand. The … Continued

Cleaning up

Have you ever realised that there could be a relation between the mess that clutters your office or home and your state of mind? Now, I don’t have anything scientific on it, but can only reflect on my own history. … Continued