Brazil – Germany 1 : 7. How to get up and running after devastating defeats

Last night, Germany beat Brazil by 7 : 1.

It was an unbelievable result, totally unexpected.

And Brazil is devastated and in tears.

Tears for Brazil
After German beat Brazil 7:1, many Brazilian fans were in tears


Sure, people might say that the German team had an advantage because Brazil missed Neymar, or Thiago Silva.

But didn’t some people even say that just because these two players are missing, Brazil will be much more unpredictable and, as they pull themselves together, they might be extra strong and possibly win?  Whatever it is – it is easy to provide explanations and justification after a result.

What is more important now is how the country pulls itself together after that dramatic defeat.

Their confidence might be shattered, their belief in their abilities gone, for the moment. 

The question is:


“How do you pull yourself together after a crushing defeat?”


I am sure there are many more possible comments, so I am looking forward to hearing some from you.

In Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP, we have a couple of convenient assumptions or beliefs that many describe as empowering.

It might be very suitable to use those in the current situation for Brazil:

  • There is no Failure, only Feedback.
  • The outcome of the game is the result you get
  • Everything we need to succeed is available to us
  • Choice is better than No Choice

It is about:

  • Learning from setbacks – If you describe yourself as a failure, you take the wrong approach. Only you yourself can label yourself as a failure. Sure, not everything goes well all the time in life, but isn’t it about growth as well? I believe that the only failure is the failure when you repeat the same mistake without extracting the learning first
  • Finding your strength – you can do this by putting together a list of positive experiences in the past. What did you go through earlier, and when you managed to succeed? How did you do it?
  • Relax – it is hard to relax after stressful events. They simply haunt us. But do you think that the same event is as devastating in 10 years as it seems now? Project yourself out into the future and realise, that your perceived failure doesn’t count anymore. And you can possibly try to remember “perceived failures” from earlier times, and realise, how minute they are now, as time passed. You sure know the statement that time heals all the wounds.


Here is a quick YouTube Video in which we talk about Limiting Beliefs.

[youtube id=”ZUoeGC0YR0c”]

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