Challenges in the Multi-level marketing (MLM) business

Who likes multi-level marketing? Their promises of endless incomes, living in beautiful houses, driving the most astonishing cars, having fun “lazying” around, while your downline is doing the work for you, going for great holidays – aahhhhh, what a dream.

I realised that multi-level marketing businesses are evolving, or realised it dramatically last night. An acquaitence of mine called me earlier, and he said that he was interested in my NLP classes. We tried various times to set up an appointment, because his wife was also interested in it.

Finally, it worked out. We met last night in my favourite Indian restaurant. They started off by saying that they don’t really like their current job anymore, even so it is very beneficial to them – hey, they are successful lawyers. Thus, they joined a new sideline business, which has something to do with leadership and so and they are now interested in how NLP could help them furthering their interest.

The word “leadership”, of course, caught my eyes, since I am very interested in it and offer courses myself. So we talked, and they wanted to make sure that NLP would fit in their aspiration. They are listening to a lot of tapes, going for a lot of trainings, and wanted to ascertain that their would be no duplication of their efforts.

We talked about making money, and how limited decisions and negative beliefs limit one in making the money they want. It was a mutual topic and lasted for about 20 minutes. The husband then walked to the car, and it looked as if he wanted to get a book that we talked about.

When he came back, he had lots of files with him. “To give you an overview of what we are doing, let me just show you something.”

And that was the point when they started. It wasn’t an overview, but a full introduction to their business model. It took a while until they were through and they then started again, how NLP could fit into their business structure and existing procedures and trainings. This was their main point. While we talked, we always got back to that point, and it was impossible to get through to them.

Arguments were, that we are too expensive – hello, don’t you promise people a lot of money, and aren’t you long enough in the business to have climped up the ladder already (they haven’t!)? They agreed to this. Next, there is not enough time to take off – hello, aren’t you self-employed?

It became very clear after a while that there was no interest in the course but that it was a ploy to introduce their model to us. This wasn’t the first time from the same company that that happened, and it became clear to me and my wife that this is the evolving business structure.

As a distributor in the MLM business, call your friends. Do as if you are very interested in their business, and may be they can help you. Speak their language. In short, enter their interest sphere, and they will like you. After a while, start talking about your MLM business, just starting off with a short introduction, that then lasts a long, long time!!

There is no interest whatsoever in assisting others in their business – the main aim is to sign up a new person. Sad!!

What is so hard in the MLM business is that these distributors need to talk to all their friends and acquaitencies. No mercy – all have to be utilised. It is, to me, hard to build trust to someone like that, seriously.

It is also clear, that all of them always use Robert Kiyosaki – the Rich Dad – Poor Dad Guy. MLMlers always show that famous square – do you want to be an employee or a business owner.

They also always state that THEIR business is not MLM. Their business model is always different – why? Because “normal humans” run away when they hear MLM. That is the reason why the new strategy is to faint interest in your friend’s interest. If they don’t then no one would really want to sit down and talk.

Do you actually know what is the real challenge for the MLM business? The attract the wrong people. They attract people that like “options”. Options to do things. Promise of freedom, the freedom to do what you want. Always the statement that when you join their MLM business, you have the choice to do things.

But, and that is a big but. Once you join, the new member needs to follow strict procedures, and follow the rules. If they don’t, success is harder and probably impossible.

So the challenge of MLM is that they actually attract the wrong kind of person. Options, instead of “Procedure” people. Procedure people are those that want to start something and then follow steps. Options people feel totally lost when they are in a situation where they have to follow procedures (something that every hiring manager needs to know as well!!!). And that is the main challenge in the MLM business and why the drop-out of those recruited for the MLM business is so huge!!

It is easy to identify the difference between the two groups, in how they express their thoughts in physical movements as well as spoken language. If you know what to look out for. But basically, options people talk about choices, unlimited opportunities, breaking the rules, and being creative etc. In contrast to procedure people, who have a list in their head and steps to follow the rules.

Interested to find out more about that? Th LAB Profile gives you a clear insight about the thinking structure of a person. How would it be for you to be able to predict from someone’s language how they will act in a certain situation? Or, what kind of business a business is, similar to the very quick statement about the MLM business made above?

The Language and Behaviour Profile (LAB Profile) is a tool derived from the Meta Programs of NLP that allows the user to understand and predict a person’s behaviour in a given context from their language pattern. Just a few sentences or a short conversation is needed to get an inside into people’s mind and how people operate. This then allows you to adjust your own language and behaviour patterns. The end result? Language of Influence, offered by Asia Mind Dynamics in the LAB Profile Training in February 2008!! Call now for more information.


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  • Creating Your Future Coaching™ Techniques at the Masters Level with the International Timeline Therapy Association
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  • Master Trainer with the International Association of Counsellors and Therapists (IACT).

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