Dr. Haji Tengku Asmadi – Testimonial for Asia Mind Dynamics upon his completion of his NLP and Timeline Therapy(TM) Practitioner Course

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Actually, we had many high-level participants in the NLP and Timeline Therapy(TM) Practitioner training organised by Asia Mind Dynamics, but I have to say that most likely Dr. Haji Tengku Asmadi was one of the most famous people in the class.

This man is busy!! He has a show on television and is constantly in the newspaper.

As such, we were so honoured that he made time available to learn NLP with Asia Mind Dynamics.

And this guy made it happen.  As you can see in the video below, he successfully set out to work on one of his goals – and achieved it shortly after completion of the class.

Thanks Tengku! you have honoured us with your presence.

BTW – as of the date of posting of this entry, he has achieved two more of his goals.



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