Felix Baumgartner and your beliefs

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“Australian skydiver Felix Baumgartner set three records in his successful  jump yesterday — one for the highest manned balloon flight, one for highest skydive, and another for being the first person to exceed the speed of sound without a vehicle.” Source.

It was cause for a great celebration.

But it showed something very important as well.

It showed, how important it is for us to believe in something. How beliefs can drive us toward success – but also failure.

Beliefs are what is true for us. They help us to navigate through the uncertainty of life.

They form the framework in our life and guide us in our day-to-day activity.

In as such, they function like a rulebook and guiding us to know what is wrong and what is right.

Beliefs can limit us in our personal life or empower us and the hard part is that while we are not consciously aware of them, they influence the way we act, react or behave.

A couple of examples:

Driving a Car: Do you believe you are a great driver, and every other driver is unable to cope with you, is stupid, and shouldn’t be allowed on the street?  Holding that belief, do you curse and swear at other drivers that drive slower than you?

Children: Do you believe your children shouldn’t play in the rain because they might fall sick, and you can’t believe that some parents don’t care and their children run around in the rain?

Are you of the opinion that children should be seen but not heard and you complain to your neighbours about the noise that their children do when they play?

Money: Do you believe that debts are bad and that you should buy everything with cash, and no borrowing of money from anywhere?

Do you believe in saving money in the bank as it is safer than investing anywhere else?

Life: Do you believe that life is hard?

Memory: Do you say thins like – I am not good at remembering names?

Or – it is harder to remember things when we get older?

Leadership: Do you believe that you are not a leader?

These were a bunch of limiting beliefs.


Now let me look at a bunch of empowering beliefs:

Money: Do you believe that it is easy to make money?

Education: Should education be free for everybody?

Relationship: Are you saying things like – you have the most wonderful relation or marriage in the world?

Learning: You can learn things easily?

Self-Esteem: You feel great about yourself?


These are empowering beliefs and worthwhile keeping.

Beliefs are personal, emotional and only valid for you.

Think about the last movie you went to see. Did you like it? Do you believe it was great? And, do you know someone who didn’t like the movie?

Did you believe that those who didn’t like the movie were so wrong – may be you argued and fought  over your belief, because that is what people do sometimes. We get upset when someone doesn’t share our belief.

Felix Baumgartner made history with his 24-mile jump from space. You can watch the video below.

In that moment – what was guiding him aside of a strong and emotional belief in himself?

What do you think were his thoughts and how was his self-talk, when he opened the capsule and stood at the edge, ready for the jump? Did he believe it was easy? Did he realize that his dreams were about to come true? Was there any doubt as to jump or not?

It is all about beliefs and this strong belief to be able to make it pushed him through the years of preparation toward the jump. There might have been days of disappointment. Days of hope and happiness. But he kept going, because his belief about his success drove him forward.

Now lets get personal: – would you jump given the opportunity?

And how does this jump apply to your life?

Quite a bit – do you think it was risky to jump? Exhilarating?

Now, let me ask you again – what are your dreams and hopes for your life?

And how much do your own personal beliefs empower you or disempower you?


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