Fuelprice Increase in Malaysia

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In Malaysia, the government announced the increase of the fuelprice from RM1,90 to RM2,10 last night, effective Midnight (US$0.58 to US$0.64).

As a result, cars queued up in long lines on the fuelstation starting early in the evening.

Courtesy of The Malaysian Insider

Twitter and FaceBook were abuzz with comments from drivers who were mainly upset, blamed the government and didn’t understand the reasoning for the fuelprice increase.

The government, as often the case in this situation, says that the Malaysian fuelprices are one of the cheapest in the world – which is true, but then, I don’t drive in other countries.

Now, I can understand the arguments and just like you, I don’t like the fuelprice increase, because from now on and incrementally, other prices of related and unrelated items will increase, further burdening the population.

But many of these issues are out of the hands for now, as the people are subjected to it.

Now, we still have control over our reaction to the fuelprice increase. We can be angry about it and curse and swear, or we can be in favour of it.  In any case, we have a good afternoon or evening discussion with our peers and it will not change anything.

We still have some control on how we spend out money.

So, here are some few tips that might help to save a dollar or two along the day.

  • Switch off the engine while you wait for someone – all too often let drivers run the engine idly. For minutes and minutes. This is not good for the engine, for the environment, for the future of mankind. And for your pocket because it wastes your money. Switch off the engine and get out of it, if it gets too hot inside. 
  • Don’t speed when you know that you would have to slow down and break soon. How many times do I see a car speeding up with roaring engines, while the traffic light in front is red? I catch up and need to wait a much shorter time.
  • The same goes for the toll stations. You don’t need to raise towards the toll, when a leisurely drive brings you to the counter as well.
  • Take off your foot from the accelerator when roll down a hill. There are many hills in and around Kuala Lumpur. It is easy to just simply let the car roll for a while.
  • Harder to do, but may be worthwhile to consider, is the possibility to drive before or after rush hours to avoid traffic jams. But then, there are always traffic jams in Kuala Lumpur – may be it works in a different state 🙂
  • Something that goes against the Malaysian nature and that is to stay on your lanes. Do not cut in and out of lanes to jump just in front of the car before you. It wastes fuel, because no one likes someone that cuts queue and everyone moves forward even so it is just a few centimeter. All that currently counts is to be a close as possible to the car in front so that no one can cut in. What that means is that everyone moves, even so the car only rolls a few centrimeter – costing precious fuel, because you have to move a ton of steel.
  • Buy a cheaper car – well, I guess that this is the least favourable :).
  • Outside of the car environment, you can switch of some airconditions at home, especially, when you are not in the room. Why let them run and give your money to the electricity company
  • Switch off the water, when you brush your teeth. Same as above. You can switch of the water and save some cash on your monthly bill

Get it? It requires some easy changes in our day-to-day behaviours but then, these are actions that are under your control.

I guess there are more things that you can consider – I am curious to know which one are in your mind and if you care sharing.


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