Goals and the Unconscious Mind – Part 3

In Part One of this series, I wrote about the Conscious and the Unconscious Mind, and how these two parts of the mind make it happen that your goals can be achieved.

In Part 2, I dived deeper and described the language you need to use to formulate your goals. Now, having done this, actually comes the Third Part.

This is the part, where I want to describe how to embed and activate your Unconscious Mind to make your goal a reality.  There are many descriptions around on how to do this and the one I am going to share with you comes from the area of Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP.

It is a exercise in imagination that is very powerful and has been shown to be very impactful in our NLP Certification trainings.

The exercise is really dependent on your ability to make adjustments to the pictures, sounds and feelings that always float through our mind. Please remember that you need to do all of what we have done earlier and the steps that follow for every goal that you want to achieve.

  • Sit down anywhere you want, or lay down. Relax your mind and body, and may be take a deep breath. Eliminate, as much as possible, any major distraction around you;
  • Float out into the future and imagine yourself having achieved your goal.  What will you see? Imagine the scene around you as if you are there, that means, experience it so that you look through your own eyes.  Don’t see yourself doing it!!!  What will you imagine with regards to:
    • The pictures around you?
    • The sounds around you?
    • The scenery around you?
    • Your Inner Self Talk?
    • Your feelings of having achieved that goal?
  • Now, start playing around with what you see, and keep the changes that increase your feelings of achievement or happiness:

The Picture:

    • Increase the colour of the picture (some people might like it black and white)
    • Bring the picture closer and make it bigger, or push it further away and make it even bigger
    • Brighten the picture or dim it slightly
    • Make it a movie or a snapshot

The Sounds

    • Are there people around you saying positive things to you? May be increase the volume of what they say or double the number of people
    • What are you saying inside your head, or your Inner Self Talk? Make sure it is possible. Shout out loud how great your feel when you have achieve that goal

The Feelings

    • Play around with the feelings in your body. It is possible to spread the feeling around in your body so that your whole body feels it.  May be your feeling has a colour or a shape – play around with this. If it vibrates, shift the vibration, or increase the intensity
    • If you have done all of it in the section on Pictures or Sounds, you should have become really excited about the goal already

Important Step

Now, as the last step, step out of your body, so that you see your body in that future goal.  So you are no longer looking through your own eyes. But attempt to hold on to the feelings. Put a timestamp onto that picture of your goal so your Unconscious Mind knows when you want to ascertain that goal. This is important as otherwise, your Unconscious Mind believes you have achieved your goal already and doesn’t do its work. The contradiction between seeing your body and the picture while having feelings in this dissociated state is the pull-factor that makes your goal a reality.

This exercise also works because the mind cannot differentiate between reality and imagination. It is very powerful and you can repeat it for all your goals that you want to achieve.

In case you want to learn how to set goals, or you are interested in learning Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP from Asia Mind Dynamics, just send an email to andreas.dorn AT gmail.com. You can also check out our website at Asia Mind Dynamics.




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