Goals and the Unconscious Mind – Part 1

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As we close in to the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012, I thought I start off by writing some articles on the power of goals.

You see, goal setting is an art and when done correctly, your goals will be attracted to you.  In order to go about doing the process, you need to know that we have a Conscious and an Unconscious Mind.

Why would that be important?

Roughly speaking, the Unconscious Mind is the seat of all our experiences, emotions, beliefs and values.   And the Conscious Mind is what you are aware of right now. May be you are aware of the letters you read, or may be there is some sound around you, such as your table or your finger holding the iPAD.. Or may be it simply is your own Inner Voice that you listen to and that comments on what I am writing here.

There is no clear statistics on the size of either Conscious or Unconscious Mind, but if you research different sources on the Internet you most likely become aware that the Unconscious Mind is much larger than the Conscious Mind. Some say that the Unconscious Mind has a share of 99%, others state 96%, and I found somewhere the number 88%. But it is huge, for sure!

This is important for your goal setting activity because generally, we say that the Unconscious Mind is the Goal Getter, while the Conscious Mind is the Goal Setter.

So you write down your goals consciously. May be on a piece of paper or in digital form in your iPhone or iPad. And oftentime, that is all there is. And then we hope, and pray and hope some more that our goal becomes reality, that we make it. May be we even take action, for a week, or two, may be even for a couple of months.

But you see, there is a tug of war between the Conscious Mind  and the Unconscious Mind. And it looks as if for every one guy on side of the Conscious Mind, there are 9 on side of the Unconscious Mind (remember, that is the ratio). That is, when there is a conflict between what the Conscious Mind wants, and what is installed inside the Unconscious Mind.

And more often than not, we are not aware of what is installed inside the Unconscious Mind.  This means that if your experience or your inner values and beliefs are not in alignment with your goal, it will be so much harder to reach them.

It would simply be willpower to push it in and the hope to make it work. And often, we give up before we reach our goals.

An example are those that plan to become fitter by joining a gym center.

How many people do you know who set out to go to the gym center and really made it work? Year in, year out? Without fail? Well, let me be more lenient and say, they kept working out until they reached their goal of becoming fitter – and then stayed fitter?

It is the same with losing weigth, stop smoking, or becoming financially free.

There is a reason why we have problems losing weight, live healthier by stopping to smoke or becoming financially free.

Somewhere along the line of our life, we installed the belief that it is good to put on weight, that smoking gives us another benefit or that money is bad.

Think about it – parents telling their children not to leave food on the plate and that that is a bad habit. Finish your food or Mama gets angry. The child learns to eat until nothing is left and is happy, because he gets a compliment from her parents. And even so consciously he or she might now think that it is better to eat lesser and leave food behind, hey, that old and useless belief is still there. Installed years and years ago!

Stop smoking. If you are like me, then the next part might be familiar. I started to smoke when I was 15 or so. I wanted to be cool, in the group and the first one in my group to smoke. I wanted to look confident and like someone who knows what to do. Later on, smoking helped me to approach girls, overcome nerveousness and reduce stress. It took me a hard fight to give it up in 1994. I did it with willpower and it wasn’t easy. It was more like reinventing my life, because I used to smoke a lot.

Financially free – have you ever heard your people saying things like “money is evil” or it is “hard to get rich”, “money doesn’t grow on trees”, “we are  not a rich family” etc? These are also limiting beliefs inside the Unconscious Mind.

And these beliefs, once installed, determine how we look at the world and make sense of it. Even if these beliefs are useless, and outdated, they keep running. They are the lenses through which we look at the world.

So the question is, how can you make it happen that you write down a goal consciously, but ensure that the Unconscious Mind accepts it.

I will talk about it in Part 2 of this series. So come back for more to learn how to work with your Unconscious Mind to achieve your goals.


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