Got to love them – Inul’s dance controversy and many interesting questions!

Last week’s New Straits Times published quite a cute article on Indonesian dancer and singer Inul Daratista. Pas Youth (probably the Youth arm of PAS, the Islamic Opposition Party in Malaysia) chief Kamaruzaman Mohamad asked Kuala Lumpur Mayor Abdul Hakim Borhan to cancel a scheduled concert.

Here are some quotes supporting his initiatives:

“Have you seen her in action? Just go to the YouTube website and type her name and you will see that her shows are quite obscene. Even I can’t bear watching her.”

He said her concerts were known to make the crowd go “wild sexually” and that this could lead to social problems.

“Once they go wild, some will resort to sex by the roadside. So it’s best that her concert does not go on,” he said.

Ahh – these are interesting quotes. Did he say that he watched the dancer on YouTube? Hm, first thing to wonder.

How come he is allowed to watch Inul on YouTube while others cannot?

Won’t those “others” go wild when they can watch it online, but not in real time?

How wild can they go, on the roadside, with all the traffic jams that will happen when they happen to do their wild “thing”.

How wild will they go, actually? How wild is wild? Is there anything else that can make a crowd sexually wild, without watching Inul?

Did he ever go wild without watching a dancer? How does he know that the crowd is wild? What is obscene? Obscene enough in his eyes? How much does he need to see of Inul’s concert to know that she is obscene? How many times would he need to see her?


What is his benchmark? Is there any other singer out there that sings less or more obscene? Did he know that with just one wild statement, he made a very estimate about the reaction of the crowd to a singer? How much influence does he attribute to her to be able to make the crowd sexually wild? Are the roads big enough to accommodate a sexually wild crowd?

What will the crowd do when there is no Inul?

In NLP we have a technique called Sleight of Mouth. Sleight of Mouth are 16 ways to to reframe belief statements. Some of my questions above contained these techniques. Remember, it is just a fuin way of looking at the world and asking questions.

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