Hand Press Induction during our Hypnosis Training

The Hand Press Induction is always fun to use with participants, and very effective with our clients who look for us for their hypnosis therapy work.

Basically, the client presses onto my hand, and looks into my eyes. At a certain moment, I pull my hand out from underneath, thus, suddenly unbalancing the client.

In that specific moment, I give a short, sharp command. The unconscious mind, unsettled due to the sudden imbalance, follows immediately, and sends the client into that command.

In the video below, we send the client to “sleep” (please be awere that hypnosis is NOT sleep, so!!), followed by the instruction “rigid and stiff”, resembling just like a steel bar.

It is a wonderful, fast induction, but you need to be aware that the client might actually move in an unexpected way. This is also shown here and demonstrates, that as a hypnotist, one must always be aware and ready to react to safeguard the client.

But honestly, this is the first time, a client entered the trance state first by getting totally relaxed followed by stiffness throughout the body. Fascinating!!

Watch it and tell me what you think!


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