I am happy about 2011

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I am happy right now.

This year is over soon, and we have been so very successful in Asia Mind Dynamics. It started in January with our first NLP Practitioner Class in Solaris Dutamas. We just moved in after we left our place in Damansara.

We had a wonderful client that operates in the Financial Service Industry. We trainedtheir high performers in the Language and Behaviour Profile for Sales. The agents had wonderful successes. I mean, some of their stories were just outrageous. Like closing a sale in 7 minutes over a text message, while the agent was “chasing the client” for over 5 months! Or the honest comment that we made the agents human again. This happened because they felt that “normal” sales trainers ask them to memorise scripts, which sound artificial.

We also had our very first Intensive Hpnosis Training. A training that went over 12 days. Seriously fun, and we shared so much with our trainees. But they made it happen and I hope the event next year will be bigger and better.

Our NLP Master Practitioner class was smaller than expected. Sadly, but then, many of the participants that planned to come really invested a lot earlier by coming to our NLP Practitioner class, the Advanced Coaching package and then also took Intensive Hypnosis. Thank you, guys, because I know that you are the best in Malaysia :).

An event for me was the learning of Street Hypnosis. Anthony Jaquin was amazing and I honestly never thought that I would be able to hypnotise people on the street!! But I can and recently, I hypnotised someone in my business club. Hehe, I now take any opportunity!!

And now, it looks like 2012 will rock as well.

I have the opportunity to publish articles in the Malaysian New Straits Times. Tomorrow is my first article.  I re-started my blog, and even so it still stutters, I keep going.

And I am preparing for an outstanding proposal for something that I visualised for a while. Where I coach an individual on influencing and persuasion skills to become better in his position. How cool is that!

Also, I can spend time with my family in my office – heck, it nearly is my home. But my son is around and my wife is just next to me. I have space on my own and can have fun together with them. Also pretty cool, isn’t it?

I am happy. The future looks great.

More to come!!

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