I like myself

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Try it out.

Look into a mirror. Say it loud to yourself. “I like myself”.

How do you feel when you say this? Many people feel funny. It might be the first time that they say this for years and years. Questions might be in their mind – “Who am I to say this?” or “This is not humble and I should not like myself.”

Strange, isn’t it?

Even so it is all about feeling good. Acknowledging yourself. Appreciating yourself. As a human being worth living. “I like myself.”

Many of us are beaten down. Frustrated. Stressed out. Following procedures. Acting like robots. Feelings suppressed. Getting through the day only.

We coached someone today who has problems (duh – who wants to be coached and has NO problem?). We could see that she was down. Her eyes were down in the feelings quadrant or “Kinesthetic” as we describe it in NLP. It has something to do with the eye patterns. Slouched down and a “stoned faced”.

I asked her to say “I like myself.” Her face looked baffled. She didn’t know what I meant. Frowns on her forehead. I asked her again, and smiled. Told her that I do this in my car as well.

She started a little “I like myself”. I demanded more energy and there she sat up. Smiled stronger. “I like myself”. “Again,” I asked (I felt like Morpheus in the Matrix, during the first trial battle with Neo!).

A stronger smile, and she sat up even more. “I like myself, I like myself, I like myself.”

I did not do much and it was not “traditional” NLP. In fact, I borrowed it from Brian Tracy (thanks, and lucky, there is no copyright on that sentence!.)

Change can be easy. Very easy.

Try it out for yourself.

“I like myself.”

Shout it out loud, as I cannot hear you. Loud and louder. That’s right. “I like myself!”


Andreas is the founder of Asia Mind Dynamics and a certified trainer of internationally recognised certification programmes:

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) with the American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming (ABNLP),
  • NLP Coach Training with the Coaching Division of ABNLP,
  • The Words That Change Minds -Language and Behaviour Profile of which he also is one of 17 Global Master Trainers
  • Creating Your Future Coaching™ Techniques at the Masters Level with the International Timeline Therapy Association
  • Hypnosis with the American Board of Hypnotherapy (ABH)
  • Master Trainer with the International Association of Counsellors and Therapists (IACT).

We also train companies to achieve higher performance especially through our signature programmes on Leadership, Sales and Advanced Communications.

To find out more about us or our programme and what makes us so very different as trainer and coaches, send an email to andreas.dorn AT gmail.com or contact us at +6012 287 5048.

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