It all starts with a dream …..

When was the last time you took time out to rest, relax, think, dream, have fun – or simply just to be away from work?

Too often we are chased by deadlines, emails, follow-up calls, building relations, meeting our daily tasks, ticking off the to-do lists.

Bill Gates, when he still was with Microsoft, had his week off per year, where he took off to dream at a place away from the office.

I can imagine him walking through the woods, breathing in the fresh air, listening to the birds singing, cracking woods under his feet and thinking deeply about the future. Letting thoughts flow. Unrestricted. Free from any disturbance. Just enjoying.

Everything starts with a dream. To dream we need to relax. Or, ask yourself, when was the last time you had a good idea when you were under pressure? Do you think best when the phone is ringing, the inbox is overflowing, the colleagues go in and out of your office, your secretary chases you to the next meeting? Or do you think best when you are under the shower, just before you fall asleep or wake up, after you closed the computer in the evening, even while waiting at the traffic light to turn green, when there is peace and silence around you?

I bet it is the latter one.

Then, ask yourself, when was the last time you really took time off to relax longer than just a few minutes? Because I believe that most of us only rest a few minutes per day aside of may be during the few hours of sleep.

Let yourself go for just a few minutes a day, may be half an hour, can do wonders for you, your life, your organisation and your other parts in life that are so important – such as your family.

Sit down, may be play some soft music (then, may be not), and start relaxing. Set your intention – how long do you want to relax, what is your goal or even purpose for doing it. This is an important step, as otherwise, you won’t be focussed on relaxing, but just drifting. Your unconscious mind needs some direction. Remind yourself that everything that bubbles up from below is okay and that you can remember it afterwards easily and effortlessly.

Remind yourself as well that once completed, you will be fresh and awake, going about your daily life.

Start to breath in deeply now, through your nose, and out through your mouth.

If there are thoughts that try to bring you back to reality, gently thank them, and push them aside for the moment. See them floating away.

Calm your mind, and let bubble up from the unconscious mind, whatever wants to come up. Play with your mind, as if there were no problems, no limitations, no handicap. What would be if all your problems would just simply disappear and you would have unlimited power to change whatever you want to change?

The stuff that comes up initially might not be the stuff that is useful. Give yourself time. It’s your first time. But after a while, and when repeated more often, you will realise that this is powerful, relaxing, and inspiring.

And then you will start shifting and shaping reality, and make your dreams come true. Enjoy!


Andreas is the founder of Asia Mind Dynamics and a certified trainer of internationally recognised certification programmes:

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) with the American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming (ABNLP),
  • NLP Coach Training with the Coaching Division of ABNLP,
  • The Words That Change Minds -Language and Behaviour Profile of which he also is one of 17 Global Master Trainers
  • Creating Your Future Coaching™ Techniques at the Masters Level with the International Timeline Therapy Association
  • Hypnosis with the American Board of Hypnotherapy (ABH)
  • Master Trainer with the International Association of Counsellors and Therapists (IACT).

We also train companies to achieve higher performance especially through our signature programmes on Leadership, Sales and Advanced Communications.

To find out more about us or our programme and what makes us so very different as trainer and coaches, send an email to andreas.dorn AT or contact us at +6012 287 5048.

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