It is official: We are roadrage victims

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Years ago, I wrote that I believe that the mindset mindset of drivers is a reflection of trends in the society.

Today, I became a “victim” of roadrage, and I actually cannot believe that this is really happening.

Najwa and I passed through Jalan Duta Tollstation (NKVE Highway toward Klang/ Ipoh) to pick up our son from his school.

Just behind the tollstation was an accident involving two lorries that blocked the major part of the highway.

As such, the cars coming from the tollstation had to squeeze into basically one lane. You most likely can imagine that it immediately became a major bottleneck as traffic built up fast.

We were kind of lucky as we came out of the tollstation but then got stuck at the far right side of the highway.

Our lane moved very slow, as it also was the only lane available and all the other lanes squeezed into it.

As it got denser and denser, I let in a car from the left side.

This apparently displeased the driver behind me and he honked very intensely.

Suddenly, I felt a push from the back of my car – he actually banged into my car to move me forward or give m a sign to hurry up.

We looked back really angry, but he didn’t look like he cared. It clearly was on purpose.

Najwa flipped out the camera and started to take a couple of  picture of him.

When we started to move faster after the traffic jam passed and overtook a couple of slower moving cars, he really kept going close just as to avoid her taking more pictures.

Ultimately, I moved to the left to let him pass. He slowed down next to us, looked over and made a sign with his fingers indicating taking pictures. Why he did that, I don’t know, but well, it seemed important to him.

I can derive a couple of conclusions or have a couple of questions.

Why did I attract this driver into my life? I didn’t alight from the car and I think that this was the right decision. Someone in his state of mind would most likely be able to do worse.

Sadly, I cannot quite remember the numberplate anymore – it starts with WUP and then something like 9668.

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