Kate Middleton uses hypnotherapy for food aversion

Well, hypnosis can be used for a lot of things, and one of it is working with food. Or better, to get rid of weight and that might mean to eliminate food items from someone’s menu.

However, Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, and wife of Prince William, is reportedly using hypnotherapy for her pregnancy-related aversion to food.

The duchess, who recently turned 31, is now around 15 weeks pregnant and is due to give birth this July.

In December last year, Kate spent three days in London’s King Edward VII hospital to treat her for hyperemesis gravidarum, the formal name for acute morning sickness.

Symptoms include vomiting, nausea, tiredness and light-headness. Typically it leads to more than 5 percent weight loss and is usually remedied by fluid and nutritional supplements, and rest.


It can be done but would I recommend it? Most likely not.


Because the Unconscious Mind is powerful. And it might have its reasons for NOT allowing that kind of food into Kate’s system. Possible reason could be to avoid some harm that we are not consciously aware of.

Now, the unconscious mind is being tricked into something that might have been natural protection.

There might have been only one reason when I would have done this and this is when the life of the princess or her baby is endangered.

Otherwise, nope. Better not!!!

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