Keith Urban, American Idol

Keith Urban plays contestant’s guitar on American Idol Season XIII

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American Idol is on and it’s Season XIII.

New judges, that get along with each other. Keith Urban, the repeat from last season, Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick Jr.

Yesterday was the beginning of Hollywood Week, which usually is a tough nut to crack for the contestants.

One contestant, named Dexter Roberts gave his guitar to Keith Urban after his performance of Barton Hollow by The Civil Wars and asked the star to play a few tunes.

And Keith rocked it off.

Of course, you might say – that’s his “job”. He is doing it everyday! And you are right.

But think about it. If someone were to ask you to perform your job, in an instant, no preparation, on some equipment, which is not yours, in a setting, that is different from your normal environment, could you do it?

Could you?

Most of you will say yes. And some don’t want to. Think of the doctor or dentist during a party. How many times will they be asked by other guests about some disease or pain.

But I have met therapists, psychologists, heck, hypnotists, NLPlers – professional areas that I mingle with – , who cannot use their skill.

I am serious.

I have experienced it a couple of times and I was shocked. Here was someone in this type of professional who was put to task. Yeah. put on the spot.

And couldn’t deliver. Refused to deliver. Imagine, Keith would have said – “sorry mate, but it’s not the right atmosphere here right now.” Or: “come to my concert next week and you can see me playing.”

It wouldn’t work that way and people would be shocked!

The question now is: Can you deliver your skill on the spot? Give advise that sounds reasonable, professional and on the spot – or even demonstrate it, if required?

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