McNamara and the Giant Wave

McNamara in November 2011 surfed what is now known as the world’s highest wave. 70 feet.

It is possible that he just broke his own record and enjoyed the ride on a 90 foot wave.

McNamara surfing giant wave

Would you do it, is a question, I like to ask ( didn’t I ask similar questions when Felix Baumgartner made the jump from space?)

Most people would, naturally say, that they wouldn’t take the plunge, and of coruse, I understand that.

I might ask “what is holding you back” and will get, as response, a lot of reasons. No excuses, but reasons why  they believe they wouldn’t make it.

No training, no guts, no time, too dangerous, cannot die as they have to take care of their loved ones. Feeling comfortable, may be lazy in doing the work that needs to be done to move your life to the next level! Not like Barack Obama who admitted to little preparation for his first presidential debate last year.

I understand these reasons in this context!!

Of course.

I might have the mindset and the mental readiness to go for it, but hey,  I still wouldn’t go out there and surf such monster wave without preparation. And, should I choose to do so, it might take me years to get there, if I would be inclined to do so – which I wouldn’t, lol!!

Now, let’s play this game out in our normal life.

What do you believe, in your normal, and may be comfortable life, that you can achieve? How much can you achieve? How much further from where you are now could you go?

Are you willing to break the chains of your comfort and move out of your comfort zone to create the life you desive and actually deserve?

If you don’t go out and get it – what excuses do you give yourself and your friends, family, colleagues to avoid going the first step?

How much is it worth to go out and get what you want?

I am not asking you to surf a huge wave – I am asking you to surf the wave of your own life!! To the best, and total actualisation.. Can you do it?

Here is the video of the ride of his life:


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