Mothersday, and Gratitude

Gratitude – or the process of being grateful for something.

How grateful are you to be alive?

How grateful are you to live in Malaysia? In Germany? In, wherever you are?

How grateful are you to have parents?

How grateful are you that you are able to eat and drink?

How grateful are you about the gifts that you have received today, yesterday, and over the years in your life?

Gratitude …. “Gratitude comes from within, it is an appreciation of all that is good and welcome in our lives. Gratitude is expressed when we openly give thanks for those things. (Gratitude).

Nicely expressed.

Do we know what gratitude is? We surely complain if someone is not as grateful as s/he should be when we give something. Do we not tell our children to be grateful to have …. (fill in the blanks!).

So sometimes, it seems, we know when we expect gratitude – but from others. The article mentioned above states that gratitude comes from within. Hence, it is a state of mind. We can be grateful at any moment we choose to. It is about the awareness of what we receive from around us, what we accomplished and how we experience it, not what we expect of others. And when I say “what we receive from around us”, this does not mean the gifts and presents, or rewards. No, it means the love, the laughter around us, the joy to feel the sun on our skin, the ability to live. And then, what it accomplishes for us.

The next step is to act upon this gratitude. To be thankful for it.

So it is a two-step process:

1.) The State of Gratitude ===>   The Act of Thankfulness


It is good to be grateful and it can become a daily habit to search for something that has been positive in the preceding 24 hours. Think about that. Even when you had a very bad day, but if it is your habit to find something good and positive, you change your state. Just thinking of the positive things that happened during a bad day can turn things around. We re-access those states and activate our neurology.

Sometimes, I have a bad day, and then, late at night, thinking about great stuff that happened, digging deep into memories of the day, I wonder why I carried the bad stuff along for so long. It is amazing.

So what are you grateful for? Do this for an exercise, for just a couple of days and it will change your life. You start thinking more positive, and it can change your life. I know it is hard, but if you are really good, you can actually start writing some of the good things down. And when you are down, you can entrench yourself with the good stuff that happened earlier.

What can you be grateful for? Let me give you some examples from me today:

1.) The smile of my child that cheered me up, totally
  The taste of the food that was so delicious (thanks to my wife)
3.) The feeling of the sun (when the mechanic picked up my car that broke down yesterday)
4.) The great afternoon nap 
5.) The feeling that I am getting healthy again, after 5 days of a real hard cough

A couple of more personal things.

To me, there even are a couple of days in a year that I am really, really grateful.

Allow me to share:

1.) Mothersday. My mum is now over 80 years old. Despite becoming more fragile, she still fights hard for her life to be active. She travels as much as possible and even visited us in Malaysia a couple of years ago. I am grateful to have a fantastic mum and that she was able to raise me to who I am even so I was and am stubborn, made plenty of mistakes, must have driven her up the wall numerous times and so on. She gave birth to me, never gave up on me and I love her for that.

Now, I also celebrate my wife on this day. She has given birth to a wonderful son, and I love her for that. She is caring, intelligent, has a wonderful smile, and laughter, and knows what she wants.

My own birthday. The day that reminds me of the wheel of life. That it keeps turning and that I better do the best I can to accomplish my mission. A day to remember the past and the look forward to the future. Since my birthday is in March, it also allows me to take a yardstick on my new goals.

3.) December 31 – Yes, you may wonder why I put THAT day here. When I was younger, I actually wrote down my accomplishments that I had reached in the preceding year. And what I set out to do in the new year. It is, similar to my birthday, a reminder that another year has past. A day to reflect and to remember. To review goals and set new ones.

4.) The birthday of my son – I see him growing up as he goes toward becoming 12 years old. On the one hand, I am proud of him, and the way how he structures his life with his busy parents. On the other hand, I regret that we never found time to gave him a brother or sister, that he wishes for so much. I love him.

5.) The birthday of my wife – well, it is close to Mothersday – and the same counts as above. I love her.


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