NLP knew it all along – erasing bad memories is possible

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MIT Technology Report published an article called Reparing Bad Memories.

It is a lengthy article with the main message that memories are changeable. This might seem revolutionary as for a long time, science and psychology actually believed that once a memory is installed, it will be like that forever (whatever like that means, haha!).

They write that “Instead, they (memories) are malleable constructs that may be rebuilt every time they are recalled. The research suggests, she said, that doctors (and psychotherapists) might be able to use this knowledge to help patients block the fearful emotions they experience when recalling a traumatic event, converting chronic sources of debilitating anxiety into benign trips down memory lane.”


Further down in the article, they mention that “emories are reshaped and rewritten every time we recall an event. And, the research suggested, if mitigating information about a traumatic or unhappy event is introduced within a narrow window of opportunity after its recall—during the few hours it takes for the brain to rebuild the memory in the biological brick and mortar of molecules—the emotional experience of the memory can essentially be rewritten.”


NLP and especially Timeline Therapy for decades works on reframing, removing or deleting negative emotions and limiting beliefs. Nothing easier than to remove a phobia!!

We do this all the time, and hey – it doesn’t take hours to do so. The longest time to remove a negative emotion was 20 minutes on my side – and this was years ago!

And once the first negative emotion is removed, it gets faster and faster

Including explaining the process, it takes may be one hour to remove 2-3 negative emotions. Forever. Reset the neurology and out goes the anger, fear, sadness and what not.


Amazing, isn’t it?

Interested to know more?

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