NLP in Sales

NLP as a tool of the mind is very powerful in its application in sales. For some, knowing NLP and using it in sales feels like magic. This is because with NLP, you simply know…

  • … how your clients need to be communicated to so they understand your offer
  • … that it is so much easier to manage and reframe objections so that they disappear into thin air
  • … how to build relations with clients that go beyond traditional rapport building exercises
  • … how to influence your client and guide them to create decisions.

NLP can provide you with the unfair advantage you gain over your competitors, especially when they don’t know NLP.

But interestingly, you can serve your clients better if you know NLP.

Asia Mind Dynamics - NLP in Sales
Asia Mind Dynamics – NLP in Sales.


This is because you can easily identify if your product or service is really the right one for them. You do this especially through great questioning strategies and values elicitation, while utilising hypnotic language patterns.

But now, here it gets tricky as well.

You can learn to link your product or service to your client’s values. And that means that you can influence them very unconsciously by tying your product or service that they feel compelled to buy from you. It’s manipulation.

Don’t do this.

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You see, while you can do it easily, they will wake up from the buying trance that you initiated. And they will regret to have dealt with you.

And they will talk badly about you.

But you can change this, because by serving them according to their needs and values, your clients will love you. Want to buy from you again. Feel good to be around you. Recommend and refer you to their friends. That’s the power of NLP. Especially when you use NLP in an honest manner. In a manner that you would like to be sold a product or service from someone else. Got it? Contact us now, if you want to know more about NLP in Sales, and how it works for you and your company.