Personal Loss leads to Weight Loss Drive

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You surely don’t know Kimberley Truesdell. She is a 30 year old woman whose mother died in 2009, age 50. She died because she was overweigth to an extense that her weight caused damage to the brain. Kimberley’s mother weighted 600 pounds and her  brain was damaged due to oxygen deprivation, which was a direct result of her morbid obesity. She was so heavy to even get on a scale.

As it is the case, Kimberley’s mother various times attempted to loose the weight.  But as the article outlines, she lost that battle as well and the duration between her different attempts increased.

Kimberley realised that she was on the same pathway and when she realised that, she suddenly woke up.  She started doing something that I prescribe my clients as well. Kimberley began to document everything that went into her mouth.  She used her notebook to swap unhealthy with healthy food, I analyse the patterns that my client has installed to eat – the reasons behind.

For many, it is hard to get started to take up the fight to exercise, reduce food intake and loose weight.

And it is harder with every kilo and pound that we add, as it is harder to move the body anyway.

Kimberley had a realisation that many don’t have. We often adopt certain beliefs about food, when we are young – finish your food is often a dogma in families. Food is seen as a get-together occasion, especially in Malaysia. Simple exercise, such as talking a walk, is hard in Malaysia, where nearly everything is done with a car. I know people who are not willing to walk 200 meters and rather drive the sort distance to the next shop. This doesn’t help, of course. The belief that it is too hot to even walk that distance lingers in the back. We search fo comfort, but don’t realise that we hurt ourselves in the long run. Short term pleasure is more important!!

Weigth loss, like so many things in life, often starts with the awareness that something needs to change. It is easy to take up the first steps. We realise something needs to be done, and may be even sign-up in a gym-center. What follows are desparate attempts to install a new habit – the habit of not eating, and exercising regularly.   Many fail, because they haven’t realised that it is one thing to get motivated to do something and another thing to maintain your motivation, over the long run.

There often comes the time when we say to ourselves: “Ah, I just stop for a day. I’ll catch up tomorrow.” But tomorrow never comes.

When we initiate change, we battle against the comfort level that is installed in the Unconscious Mind. The Unconscious Mind doesn’t like to change, because change is seen as dangerous. The earlier habit is safe for the moment. If we change, we might end up in a dangerous and unknown area – stay where you are, because it is here, where we know the circumstances.  We know we have a problem, but we have, unconsciously, learned how to cope with it. If we start a new habit, we wouldn’t know, initially, how to cope with it. We become uncertain, and confused as circumstances change. And then we get the feeling that the new stuff we tried to do is just too complicated, too difficult to achieve, it takes too long and so on. That is the time we often give up.

We shouldn’t.

Because this is also the time that we start to install a new habit. Do you know the saying that the night is darkest just before dawn. This means that when change is the hardest and we want to give up and go back to the old habit, all we need to do is just to push a little bit harder, a little bit longer, show a bit more effort and then we can succeed.

For now, I congratulate you, Kimberley. You succeeded because a personal loss shook you to the bones and created the awareness that you needed to get started on your change programme.

Read the article on how she coped with the change and how she managed it.







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