Persuasion can be done – one person at a time

Seth Godin has an entry on persuasion and it is a good one.

The main point of his entry is that persuasion is not a thing” that can be mass produced. We are all different, and we all run different patterns. Different patterns that are based on our own, unique, individual way of how we experience the world around us. On our own values, beliefs, and attitudes.

NLP says that the Map is NOT the Territory. In order to understand each other, we need to explore the standpoint of the other person. Otherwise, it is communication on a one way street.

So far, I agree.

However, I also believe that there are basic patterns running in groups. Basic belief patterns, that then are expressed linguistically and in behaviours as well.

These are the default patterns. If I talk to a group of senior salespeople, who are in the field for 20, 30 years or longer, they will be sceptical. Why shall they believe me, the Ang Moh? Who is from Europe, and talks about this strange thing called mind?

Or when I talk to women – how can a man understand their issues?

Or see different patterns, mental maps and behaviours in different professional groups – what about Marketers, versus Lawyers? One is (hopefully) more future driven and probably more general, while the other one is more detail oriented and specific (hopefully) looking out for problems on the horizon and how to avoid them.

This means that in order to make myself understood, I need to speak their language. I need to understand how they make sense of the world. Otherwise, it is like I am speaking from Planet Pluto (okay, no planet anymore) to Planet Mars.

So yes, we are all different individually, but our experience impresses certain behaviours and language patterns onto us. And understanding this allows me to influence those whose language I normally don’t speak.


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