Relaxed with Hypnosis and then Electrocuted

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A Chinese Gay plans to sue a so-called gay conversion therapy clinic for causing him mental and physical harm during his therapy.

He said he voluntarily underwent the therapy in February following pressure from his parents to get married and have a child.

China Court to hear Conversation Therapy Case
China Court to hear Conversation Therapy Case

During the procedure, he was first instructed to relax, and then think sexual thoughts involving men. The clinic then applied electronic shocks to rid him of such thoughts.

Interestingly, the man isn’t just suing under the theory that electroshock therapy is cruel; he’s arguing that homosexuality should not be treated as a disease or a disorder.

The Chinese government stopped classifying homosexuality as a mental illness in 2001, but the stigma remains – many families, institutions, and even university psychology textbooks still treat it as a problem that needs to be fixed. The one-child policy, economic pressure and traditional cultural mores contribute to a mainstream culture in which parents put enormous pressure on their children to marry and have families of their own.

Conversation Therapy, aiming to “straighten up lesbians and homosexuals” doesn’t work, and causes harm to those involved.

You see, instead of judging a person based on his or her sexuality is wrong.

They most likely feel that they are different. It is not that they realise immediately as children or adults, that they are homosexual or lesbian.

Most of them try to come to terms and wanted to blend in to society. Heck, some even marry in order to become socially accepted. But their own, repressed desired remains, no matter how hard they fight it.

Inside of them is an emotional turmoil.  And repressing emotions is never good.

I know that homosexuals and lesbians have a tough time in many Asian countries to get accepted or even respected.

But homosexuality is not abnormal.

It is abnormal in a modern society to disrespect humans of all kinds.

And coming from a humanitarian background and being humans means that it also is about respecting other people.

More important than belittling or discriminating them, it would be more important to strengthening their self-esteem, which is often badly damaged.

Heck, may be we even need to strengthen the self-esteem of those that belittle homosexuals and lesbians, because their attacks might just be because they feel uncertain and insecure themselves.

In this area, Hypnosis can help. Hypnosis is wonderful, in helping people grow stronger and more fulfilled. Strengthening their dignity, building self-esteem, and creating relaxed state of minds.