Removing phobias

Phobias are some @^#%$@ for some. Once you have one, boy, it can ruin a life, since a phobia starts running your life.

I don’t know how many phobias there are, but if you are interested, check it out here. Quite a long list of pretty good phobias. I am serious. I mean, a phobia is tough, right? It is a deep seated, irrational fear, that triggers off, everytime, someone with a phobia encounters a certain situation.

A phobia is deep-seated in the unconscious mind, and I am always saying to those with a phobia, that this is a sign of how strong their unconscious mind is.

“People with phobias try to avoid what they are afraid of. If they cannot, they may experience:

– Panic and fear 
- Rapid heartbeat 
- Shortness of breath 
- Trembling 
- A strong desire to get away.”

It is quite a cute description, right? A strong desire to go away? I saw people screaming just by the sight of a cockroach.

I once read about a child that was scared of wind! Now that is something. She was told by a friend that when the wind blows people are blown away and never return! That sad, right? But it explains a lot.

The mind protects us from ever encounter the same situation again, and because we don’t have the tools to remove the fear, it stays with us. I saw a document once about a woman in fear of cockroaches as well, and she checked every single corner of her house the moment she came home and every single place, she visited during the day. She was really, fully dressed up, everytime she left the house, in protected clothes!!

A phobia can ruin your life.

I finally have a person in my NLP Certified Practitioner Training with a cockroach phobia. Yes!! I can demonstrate how easy it is to remove a phobia, once the right technique is applied. Haha, and I am looking forward to it.


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