Second job to beat rising costs?

Senator Tan Sri Amirsham A. Aziz stated in the NST yesterday morning that “Malaysians, including civil servants, are encouraged to get after-office or weekend jobs to cope with the rising cost of food and fuel.”

Hm – this makes me wonder, ever so slightly.

Is this suppose to mean that civil servants are somewhat allowed to disappear again from their office during the day to run a second business?

Isn’t it important to spend time with your family at least over the weekend? Or is the intention to have the maids take care of the education of the children and thus, instill their values into the kids?

Or, overall, may I make the assumption that many of those that are threatened by the rising prices in their economic well-being are already working long hours to meet ends-needs? How much longer?

I understand that in times of rising prices, everybody needs to re-look at their expenditures, incomes and adjust, where possible. It simply is not possible, at least in my opinion, to not look into the future and see that oil is running out, and reduce subsidies to …. yeah – what?

What Malaysia or KL/ Selangor needs urgently is a public transport system that works. I believe, based on my economic background, that congestions, delays and overburdened infrastructure, the result of agglomerations, is leading to increasing costs as well.

I think it is easy for anyone to ask others to change. Be the change you want to see.

So I am asking those reading this – We are all challenged by rising prices in the economy. Prices in Malaysia, as in the rest of the world, are increasing.

We all are used to cope with challenges in our life. It is our history, our experience, and our way to go about in our daily life.

This means we have developed our own unique strategies to cope with what is thrown at us.

Question: Please share your initiatives. What are you, the one reading this, doing to cope with increasing prices or day-to-day challenges?

May be your idea is then copied or modeled by others and you have helped them make their life a little bit easier.

Can do? Can…..

Thank you!!


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