Street Hypnosis with Anthony Jaquin in Malaysia


Street Hypnosis with Anthony Jaquin in Starbucks, Midvalley

Anthony Jaquin of Head Hacking was in town. Interested in hypnosis as Najwa and I are, we packed up our NLP Master Practitioners ūüôā (who are as enthusiastic about Hypnosis as we are, and just advance their NLP Training with us), and we all went to his class on Street Hypnosis.

It was as fantastic as we thought it would be. ¬†Very practical, and basically starting with hypnotic exercises after just about 1 hour into the training. Where else can you expect that? Okay, the majority of the participants were already in the hypnosis business anyway, thus, we didn’t need to know about the history of hypnosis or any of the different stages of hypnosis (that might or might not exist anyway). ¬†Street Hypnosis requires that the practitioner is¬†able to approach strangers on the street, is able to¬†introduce himself or herself pretty quickly – builds rapport in an instant – and starts working his magic.¬†And after this, we got rolling, so to speak.

Doing some quick suggestibility tests, that would show us, how suggestible a subject is. In the setting of Street Hypnosis, we would define it as a test of imagination and concentration, and don’t relate it to hypnosis. Of course, this is a slight cheat, but hey – not many people are aware of the beauty and power of hypnosis.

I liked Anthony’s style of teaching. It was fast-paced, and fun, with lots of stories. The manual was detailed enough to get all what is needed even after the training. In fact, it actually is a book that can be bought online as well.

There were plenty of group practices, especially on the first day.  The second day was a bit slower, initially, but then, in the evening, it was all about putting it all together and practicing.

Nabil, Kev and Anthony
Nabil, Kev and Anthony

In the evening, we went to practice outside, in the real world. I mean, this is Street Hypnosis. Some of us went to different tables in the restaurant to practice our skill to some success.

Anthony then brought us to Starbucks and he showed us his amazing skill by hypnotising another person.

We are already good in hypnosis and work with many clients to help them overcome their issues.

We know the stuff and can practice effectively in the office.  Najwa and I are able to do Rapid and Instant Induction, aside of the longwinded Progressive Relaxation.

But the main thing I learned was on how to do all of what I know from before combined with some new skills in the outside world, on the street. And that is the best!

Kev, Andreas of Asia Mind Dynamics, and Anthony










Najwa of Asia Mind Dynamics, Kev and Anthony




Street Hypnosis - Group Picture

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    That’s a good style, Blake. Keep on going in your hypnotic journey and improve the world.


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