A Picture of me

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A friend of mine, Frankie Lee of Hypno-Firm Malaysia is not only a very nice guy :), but also very creative. He took several pictures of me downloaded from Facebook, and created the following picture. Don’t you love it? I think … Continued

Asia Mind Dynamics – Testimonial by Wendy Lor after our NLP Practitioner Training

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Wendy Lor of WendyLorArtisans took our Advanced Coaching Package, Intensive Hypnosis and now the Master Classes in NLP, Timeline Therapy(TM) and Coaching. She is a fantastic woman who really goes out all the way to make her dreams come true. No … Continued

Is the mindset of drivers a reflection of trends in the society?

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Driving through Kuala Lumpur gets more and more stressful. The roads are constantly clogged, lots of honking and pushing each other away. It looks and feels as if there are private wars going on. Looking into the cars, and observing … Continued

Creating Great Training Programmes

As a trainer, it is also my job to formulate training programmes, customised to the needs of an organisation. This is the exciting part of my job, aside of the actual training. It is not just about taking material from … Continued