Dealing with nasty people and bullies at work

Do you know how it feels like to work with nasty people? I remember that, when I came out of university, jobs were rare in Germany. And my university degree is Economic and Social Geography. Not necessarily the study scope … Continued

Change – small, big and customised

If you are into NLP and you follow my writing, you know that I believe that instant change is possible. In fact, NLP has been called “the Art and Science of Instant Change.” And Richard Bandler, one of the co-founders … Continued

What Your Desk Says About You

Is your desk messy or clean? Are papers laying around and it looks kind of messy or is it an “organised” chaos. Do you have coffeestains on the table? Are the doors in your office open or closed? Or  – … Continued

Employee Engagement and Monday morning

Employee engagement. It’s definition varies but it basically means that employees are so happy with their work at their current employer that they go beyond the call of duty. They are productive, contribute, talk highly about their company and would … Continued