Asia Mind Dynamics – Testimonial by Alice and Lester Seow after our NLP Practitioner Training

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Alice and Lester are financial consultants. They took Asia Mind Dynamics’ Advanced Coaching Package (NLP Practitioner, Timeline TherapyTM, Language and Behaviour Profileand Hypnosis) in 2010. Their goals in that year were huge, and they worked hard on them. Using all … Continued

Beliefs and mental pressure

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Yesterday evening in the 2014 Worldcup Qualifier Game, Germany gave away a 4 goal lead against Sweden and the game ended 4:4. Something like this has never happened before to the German team and they might look back and wonder, … Continued

Felix Baumgartner and your beliefs

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“Australian skydiver Felix Baumgartner set three records in his successful  jump yesterday — one for the highest manned balloon flight, one for highest skydive, and another for being the first person to exceed the speed of sound without a vehicle.” Source. … Continued

A mindset of honesty

Honesty is probably related to trust. Trust in people. Trust in doing what is right. Honesty is hard to come by, sometimes. Wherever you look, you see corruption, broken promises, people who feel let down, sadness and despair. And I … Continued

About 2008 – what needs to happen to make this your best year ever?

It is already one week into 2008. Have you initiated the changes that you intended to initiate on this spectacular December 31, 2007? If you have, how do you feel? I hope the answer is better!! What, if you have … Continued