What Your Desk Says About You

Is your desk messy or clean? Are papers laying around and it looks kind of messy or is it an “organised” chaos. Do you have coffeestains on the table? Are the doors in your office open or closed? Or  – … Continued

Can leaders still learn?

What an interesting question. During this training program in Langkawi/ Malaysia, some leaders in the initial part of the training mentioned that actually they do not know if they can learn something. They are so long on the job. They … Continued

Throw your books away

A couple of weeks ago I sat through a presentation by an HR person that talked about the recession (what a favourite topic), and its impact on the way HR conducts is business. He was tough and to the point. … Continued

I am busy

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It is not that this blog is dead. It is just that I am busy. It is beautiful and like living my dream. Nothing more exciting than to see people break through their limitations. To conduct trainings that are absolutely … Continued