Asia Mind Dynamics – Our NLP Practitioner Jonathan Quek shares his story in this interview

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Jonathan Quek, Author of the book “Why Gold, Why Silver, Why Now, joined our NLP and Timeline Therapy(TM) Practitioner Course in 2007. In this video, he shares his story and how he used NLP to change his life and build … Continued

Tan Sri’s and rapport

I went to Lumut last Saturday to teach rapport building skills to a group of Tans Sri’s and Dato’s and “normal” management. It happened as I accompanied the CEO of another company to that place and was part of a … Continued

Talks about recession and mental preparation

A while ago, I asked, what will people or do more of or less of during a crisis or before a crisis. The discussions about a possible recession rage. Everywhere I go, wherever I hold a speech, attend a seminar … Continued