Scaling change

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I love scales and may be the reason for this is my huge background in market research. Scales from 1 to 5, or 1 to 7 always gives you an indication of where someone or something stands. Imagine, for just … Continued

Cleaning up

Have you ever realised that there could be a relation between the mess that clutters your office or home and your state of mind? Now, I don’t have anything scientific on it, but can only reflect on my own history. … Continued

Stress and emails

How fast do you respond to emails? Is it the norm in your life to respond immediately? Does your boss demand immediate responses, or your client? Can you follow through emails? Do you delay responding? A study shows that the … Continued

The power of trust

Many people believe that rapport is enough to gain access to the emotions of others. The saying goes, that rapport is the happening because people like people who are like them. Some equate rapport with trust. I don’t see it … Continued

A mindset of honesty

Honesty is probably related to trust. Trust in people. Trust in doing what is right. Honesty is hard to come by, sometimes. Wherever you look, you see corruption, broken promises, people who feel let down, sadness and despair. And I … Continued