NLP knew it all along – erasing bad memories is possible

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MIT Technology Report published an article called Reparing Bad Memories. It is a lengthy article with the main message that memories are changeable. This might seem revolutionary as for a long time, science and psychology actually believed that once a … Continued

I can’t access it anymore ….

We finished our corporate NLP training a while ago. In the class were 2 persons with a phobia – heights and coming down a mountain/ steep area, such as a staircase) and a great fear of lizzards. We started working … Continued

Removing phobias

Phobias are some @^#%$@ for some. Once you have one, boy, it can ruin a life, since a phobia starts running your life. I don’t know how many phobias there are, but if you are interested, check it out here. … Continued